“Ever Ancient, Ever New” project on Kickstarter

The Temple of Witchcraft is proud to support a new media project by Raven and Stephanie Grimassi called “Ever Ancient, Ever New: Witchcraft by the Hearthside”. The project is crowdfunding to produce a two-hour DVD documentary using the ancient art of storytelling to explore the roots of Witchcraft up through modern practice. You can find out more, and offer your own pledge of support, by clicking the link and checking out the project on Kickstarter. We hope the community supports this effort and look forward to adding this unique offering to the Temple’s library. Blessings and best wishes to the Grimassis and their team in their work!

That “W” Word

One of our great joys here at The Temple Bell is gathering witchy wit and wisdom from around the web — like this bit of prose from blogger/artist/purveyor of glitter and gorgeousness Effy Wild, on claiming the word “witch.” You can read the entire post HERE:

“I’ve toyed with different labels over the years including ‘mystic’, ‘pagan’, ‘shamanic practitioner’, etc. but what I really am, at the end of all the waffling, is a witch. I use tarot as a mirror to my soul. I use herbs to amplify the qualities I want to grow within myself. I think in magical terms. I attune myself to the solar and lunar influences on our planet. I celebrate (very quietly and with very few outward trappings) the Wheel of The Year. I have three altars. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck – yup. It’s probably a witch.”

effyEffy Wild has been studying and practicing paganism in many shiny forms since the late 1980’s. She is an artist and online art teacher whose classes always have a thread of magic running through them. She lives in Ontario, Canada. She blogs at effywild.com.

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