But What About My Outfit?

by J.T. Mouradian, High Priest

August 8, 2019:

I received a heartwarming email from Christopher Penczak, communicating to me that my ordination into the service of the Temple of Witchcraft as minister would be happening at Templefest 2019, during the Closing Ritual on Sunday August 25th!

I was supremely excited about all of this. The timing was great. I was thrilled to celebrate with my brothers and sisters. I felt ready for all of this. I was terrified about what I would wear!

I mean…

…Should I wear ritual robes?

…Should I wear a kilt?

…Maybe dress clothes and a cloak?

Yes, dress clothes and a cloak!

And barefoot! (obvious connection to the earth and all that)

Black pants for sure, and the beautiful cloak that my bride had commissioned for me from a dear friend and soulmate who was walking the witch’s path long before me.

But my shirt?

Black? – Very witchy…

White? – To contrast with the black and show balance between light and darkness?

Purple? – For wisdom and magick!

PURPLE it is!

Ironed my shirt perfectly and got all of my outfit ready for Templefest!

August 12, 2019:

Christopher sends an email clarifying that there has been a change: “Templefest Ordinations will now be happening at the Opening Ceremony, Thursday Night at 6:30 PM. Please be there and ready to go.”

I apparently forgot to use my eyes to read this important update…

August 22, 2019:

I am happily playing music for my brothers and sisters and writing lighting cues for Wendy Rule’s performance on Saturday night. I am dressed in my Temple Staff T-shirt and a lovely pair of camo green shorts. I notice people gathering for the Opening Ceremony (usually a very casual event) and join them.

Then I noticed that Christopher is wearing his ritual robes.

I think…odd.

I noticed that some others in the circle are wearing their ritual robes.

I think…odder.

Christopher announces that he is excited about the ordinations that are happening.

I think, cool so am I!

He calls the six of us forward and I realize that everyone but me is in ritual regalia.

I think, for an instant, “but what about my outfit?”

I clear, focus, and live in the moment.

I am blessed beyond what words can communicate at this honor.

Back on the porch I thank Christopher for this remarkable life event and apologize for being in shorts and a t-shirt. I wanted to let him know that I took this event very seriously and meant to dress appropriately. He smiled and let me know that it was not at all taken as disrespectful. I remember him saying something like, “we all know who you are, JT.”

I learned something very import through all of this. Something that I had learned a long time ago, but always need to be reminded of. It is not my clothes that define me as a witch. It is not my altars, nor my tools. These are all great parts of my path but are 100% extra.

I am a witch because I am a witch.

My power comes from my very being.

What about my outfit? I never needed it.

Temple of Witchcraft