Beltane Registration Now Open!

DSCN2352Online registration for the Temple’s annual Beltane celebration on May 3rd is now open:

Register Now!

Put on your dancing shoes and come dance the maypole with us as we invoke Faerie energy and the power of God and Goddess united. Have the chance at becoming May King or May Queen in this joyous celebration of the Union of the Divine Couple and bring fertility in all pursuits into your life.

All are welcome at the Temple Sabbats, but if you have any questions, please email [email protected]. Dress is casual or “Witch Formal,” as you like, but come prepared to move!

Drawing Down: Aspecting, Spiritwork & Possession Workshop

Also open for online registration is our Beltane afternoon workshop (from 2:00 to 5:00 pm), presented by Temple co-founder and Gemini lead minister Steve Kenson:

Workshop Registration

A growing part of neopagan practice is the “aspecting” of spirits and deities, allowing them to “overshadow” and even speak or act through a practitioner. In this workshop learn about the different degrees and levels of spiritwork, how and why it is practiced, and ways of establishing your own relationships and deepening your experience.

Just click the registration links for additional information about the workshop and the sabbat ritual. We hope that you will join us, if you are able!

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