Ashara Mayim, HPS

Ashara Mayim has been studying with the Temple of Witchcraft since 2012 and is a recent graduate of the seminary program. She is a former Pilgrim of the Sun and Stars, a light-bearer for Leo, and a teaching assistant for the Witchcraft 1 Online Mystery School. She has been a teacher in her daily life for 16 years and deeply enjoys using her educational background to further education, understanding, and acceptance within the pagan community. Recently, she taught a Witchcraft 101 summer series in the New Orleans area to help those new to witchcraft find their way. In addition to her work with the Sagittarius and Leo ministries, she is excited to begin working with the Pisces ministry offering Temple of Witchcraft rituals later this year.

Ashara currently lives in New Orleans with her family, including one dog, two cats, one snake, and one husband. She is an aspiring author and has recently discovered a deep passion for magickal storytelling and modern myth as an avenue for exploring and sharing her magickal experiences and lessons with others. Her ministry focuses on building community and destigmatizing paganism and witchcraft in modern society.

Ashara can be reached at [email protected].

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