A Spell for Rainbow Resistance

The theme of this year’s Boston Pride Parade is “Rainbow Resistance” and the call to stand up for equality, fairness, and justice in the face of prejudice and intolerance is more needed now than ever.

Of course, as Witches and magicians, we have additional tools when it comes to our resistance, as the #MagickResistance hashtag on social media demonstrates. So the Temple’s marching group is making these cards available along the parade route, and the Temple’s Gemini ministry is sharing this image here and on social media for those elsewhere who would like to support our effort.

Work your magick, whether alone or with allies, in whatever manner you see fit. Call upon your divinities, spirits, and ancestors to support you, and then act in accord in everyday life to help bring about the changes that are needed. As it has been written…so mote it be!

Temple of Witchcraft