Women’s Circles

The Temple’s Cancer Ministry offers regular Women’s Mystery Circles to honor and explore the Divine Feminine. The circles are held at the Temple’s teaching space at 49 North Policy Street, Salem, NH from 7 pm to 10 pm on the listed dates. For more information or to attend, email [email protected].

Rising Up! – May 9th

Join us for the rebirth of Women’s Circle as we awaken the circle of women, igniting the feminine wisdom within each of us and the Divine Mother. Bring a special candle to celebrate the feminine principle and stoke the fire of our sacred connection.

Law of Attraction – June 6th

Through the season’s growth we’ll observe the natural cycle of women’s ability to manifest and create through the Laws of Attraction and discovering where we’re putting our energies and intentions. Bring special paper and pen for creating the Pentacle Grid.

Sacred Womb – July 11th

The Great Mother’s womb carries the wisdom of the Mysteries where we are born from and where we will once again return. In this ritual we’ll be journeying back to the womb, receiving the Mother’s elixir that connects us to all women. Please bring a chalice with you to this ritual.

The Abundant Harvest – August 8th

We celebrate the First Harvest, the time where we allow ourselves to receive the bounty from which we have tended to, recognizing that, ultimately, we have everything that we need. Join us in this ritual of taking the blessings from the harvest and working our magick through the Three Harvests. Please bring an herb sacred to you.

Gratitude’s Medicine – September 5th

Within the Second Harvest we cycle into the medicine of gratitude, where we draw up from our roots, deepen our practice, and invite our allies in this sacrament as we access our elements of joy and return home. Please bring a stone found in nature that speaks to you.

Feminine Shadow – October 10th

What are the old stories and wounds that hide in the feminine nature that prevents us from personal growth? Share in the sacred bonds of witnessing and holding one another as we uncover our shadows and petition the release of what no longer serves. Please bring a candle to this ritual.

Blood Mysteries – November 14th

In this ritual we will work with and call upon She Who Bleeds And Does Not Die, the first woman who held the mysteries of the sacred moonblood. We will call upon our own sacred blood of Power, Truth, and Wisdom to awaken our connection to all. Please wear red or bring a red cloth you can work with.

The Dark Moon of the Sun – December 12th

The Sun’s rebirth is stirring from above, and before we embrace and call forth the Light, we honor and say farewell to the Dark in a ceremony of stillness and reflection. From the stillness we prepare to emerge with the rich glow of renewal. Please bring a white cloth for this ritual working.

Dream Weaving – January 9th

In the newness of the calendar year, we take hold of the rising energies of beginnings. What are the dreams that have begun to emanate from the year before? Through your dreamscrape we will tap into the threads and weave our visions into fruition. Please bring a picture of yourself or something that you feel represents you.

The Rose Thorn   – February 6th

We honor the Maiden’s sensuality, feeling the stirrings of passion awaken within ourselves, yet we also hold space to invoke self-love, offering healing to our Inner Maiden. Call upon the Three Rays of Love and take in the medicine and wisdom of the Rose. Please bring a vial or small jar to this ritual.

The Wishing Well – March 12th

As Spring begins to pulse beneath the Earth, as the soil begins to thaw from it’s winter slumber, what stirs within you? What whispers from the Earth’s well? In this ritual we’ll explore our desires, tapping into what surfaces when we emerge from our cave dwellings and how we will work this magick that has seeped into our subconscious. Please bring something sweet to consume at this ritual (decadent chocolates, fresh fruit, etc).

Soul Symbols – April 9th

The sacred language of connection stores itself deeply within ourselves, and in sacred woman’s space we hold the container to explore reclaiming the symbols that connect us to our most vibrant power. Please bring a small amount of soil to this ritual.

Spirit Weaver – May 14th

As Magicians to our lives, we are in constant flow with crafting our visions and manifesting our universe. In this ritual we will align to the original spirit weaver – the Holy Mother – by clearing our blockages and drawing our energies from the yoniverse of our sacred power source. Please bring some string to work with in this ritual (cords, yarn, embroidery floss, etc).

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