Magickal Healing

Online 2023 with Adam Sartwell • 12 monthly classes • $360

Join Virgo Lead Minister and Temple Founder Adam Sartwell for a detailed exploration of the healing arts as taught from a magickal perspective. Drawing upon his many years doing healing work formally and informally, as well as the work of the community ministry, Adam will share with you the tips, tricks, and foundational principles to discover your own healing interests and aptitudes, and craft your own path as a healing arts practitioner.

The course synthesizes many of the healing techniques found in the Temple of Witchcraft, but expands upon them in the context of being a magickal healer, whether you identify as a Witch or not. Lessons move through physical aspects of healing techniques — including how to focus time-honored magickal arts into  healing spells, petitions, potions, oils, talismans, and sigils — as well as the more ephemeral practices of working with various forms of energy, spirits, archangels, and deities in your healing work.

Healing yourself is a necessary part of the healing path, including blending our own intuition and with other experienced practitioners and techniques. The last portions of the course look at healing from the wide lens of community and the world, and how we can serve in a healthy and balanced way as healers to our own community.

This is not a medicinal herbal healing course, nor a medically-oriented course, but focused on healing for not only the physical, but the mental, emotional and spiritual levels of health and well-being. If you are looking to deepen your own healing journey, knowledge, and techniques, and if you are potentially called to  share it with others, then this course is for you.

Class dates are as follows: 2/23/23, 3/23/23, 4/27/23, 5/18/23, 6/29/23, 7/27/23, 8/31/23, 9/14/23, 11/16/23, 12/28/23, 1/25/24, 2/22/24

Classes will be held from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm Eastern Time on Zoom Video Conferencing and audio-visual recordings will be provided to registered students.

Please fill out the Magickal Healing Application Form to apply for the course prior to February 20, 2023. Use the Magickal Healing product in the Temple online class store to submit your class fee. Must be paid in full prior to the start of the class. For questions, please email [email protected].

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