The Oracular Spectacular!

The Temple of Witchcraft is thrilled to once again offer an exciting opportunity to support our Community Center fundraiser through our second annual Oracular Spectacular!

Intuitive readers in our community have generously offered their services for this month-long event.

Previous donations supported important parts of our Community Center project, such as securing an engineer and an architect to design the interior and site plan to submit to the Town of Salem. We are deeply thankful for all your support. It’s a long-term project, but we are confident in our community goals that will outlive us all and serve the community in the future and for generations to come.

The Temple of Witchcraft offers much to people in the community by hosting things such drives as for the homeless, for food, and for animal shelters, as well as donating to emergent causes such as when natural disasters or personal tragedies occur.

The work of the Temple is meant to strengthen the connections between spirit and matter through inner transformation and public service. For more information about the Temple of Witchcraft’s ministries and community work please explore our website: Thank you so much for your support in making it to this point and going forward.

The Temple of Witchcraft is a nonprofit charitable religious organization based in the State of New Hampshire. Co-founded by Christopher Penczak, Steve Kenson, and Adam Sartwell, the Temple started in 1998 as a system of Magickal training and personal development and has evolved into an organization based on the traditions of modern Magick, Witchcraft, and Neopaganism. 

Temple of Witchcraft