Pet Loss Resources

(provided by the Taurus Ministry)

Mourning our animal companions is sometimes a difficult process to navigate at times. The bond between us and our beloved pets may not be understood by others in our close circles.  There are resources to reach out to, though, to help.  A resource for you to get started:

Euthanasia: Making the decision to euthanize is difficult as it is an emotional time. 

Mourning your Pet is a natural part of grieving.  While there is no right way or wrong way, it’s okay to follow the same traditions as losing a beloved person:

  • Write your pet an obituary.  
    • If you choose to, there are places to post, including the Association for Pet Loss & Bereavement’s pet memorial page.
    • Create a ritual to honor their passing. Call on the deities, saints, and others from your pantheon to assist you.  A partial listing of deities (& saints) you can call on include:
      • Bastet: Cats
      • Anubis: Pets / Dogs
      • Hecate: Dogs
      • St. Francis: Animals
      • St. Gertrude: Cats
      • St. Blaise: Animals and Veterinarians

Memorialize your pet

There are many ways to memorialize your pet.  They can be put on ancestor altars, or alternatively, they be honored with their own altar.  For ideas take a look at: 

Rainbows Bridge Grief’s Ways to Memorialize your Pet page.

Temple of Witchcraft