The Pilgrimage of Sun and Stars

Working the Wheel of the Year in Vision, Dream, and the Web of Fate

The Pilgrimage of Sun & Stars is a focused, intensive year long, nine session journey. While many celebrate the witch’s sabbats through a series of unconnected myths and rituals, the entire sequence can be a cohesive pattern of mystery, service and evolution. The cycle is linked to both the local deities of the land to the Temple of Witchcraft’s home temple and a greater cosmic mythos encompassing the world.

Through the roles of the dual gods, triple goddesses, seer, sovereign, sorcerer, and the four keepers of the elements, build a group consciousness guiding the interplay of the tides and cycles of life and Magick. Work with the rise and fall of the Red Ray working the land and elements expressing the mysteries of the stars.

Assume one of the twelve ritual offices for the year, and work the mystery of life and death, light and dark, in the mythos of the Temple of Witchcraft for yourself, community and the world. Participate deeply in the turning of the seasons and the rise and descent of the primal powers.

Online Group Work

In previous years, the Pilgrimage of the Sun & Stars has been an in-person ritual class group for a small number of students. This online group will continue its work, offering an opportunity for all members to participate in a safe and socially-distanced manner. Each member takes an “office” or specific role for the year and works together to adapt this mythic learning program via shared group consciousness, astral temple, shamanic journey or dream trance work and partake this magick on the subtle levels through inner world contact via the spirits of the Temple.

All sessions are required (except in cases of emergency) as each participant anchors a different spiritual force, and while there are no textbook readings or written homework assignments, there will be individual preparatory work in meditation, ritual, tools, and crafting for the Sabbats. No role is minor or unimportant. Every participants role is critical to the world, and the development of the journey. This class is a unique opportunity in the Temple of Witchcraft to develop rituals skills, flow with inspiration and experience the mystery of the Earth, Sun and Stars.

After each session to check in and go over the ritual, each member will perform the inner world visionary journey and follow up connecting to the group consciousness. After the initial session, the work may spill out into your daily practice, dreams and visions. Physical talismans associated with the offices will still need to be physically crafted or gathered for your practice.

For graduates of Witchcraft II and higher, or those with equivalent meditation, energy and ritual experience. One should be familiar with the work in The Three Rays of Witchcraft book prior to the class start.

Due to this style of distance work, a previous deep experience and interest in visionary journey work and guided meditation is a requirement. Ideally for those who are open to share their experience, be open hearted and contribute to developing a group consciousness within the Temple tradition. Best for those primarily focused on Temple teachings at this time and their primary group work being this group and tradition to keep focus.

Preference will be given to applicants demonstrating these qualities and a deep connection to the community, as well as ordained teacher-ministers who might be looking to eventually recreate this structure with an in-person group in their local communities.

Temple of Witchcraft