Mysterious Craft II

Astrological Rites

with Christopher Penczak

The Mysterious Craft series is an exploration of advanced topics and experimental materials in the mythos of the Temple of Witchcraft. Born from the Dark Moon Ministerial Gatherings for High Priest and High Priestesses in the Temple, each lesson contained a shorter lecture/discussion introducing the material, and then a ritual vision working to experience the material directly. The concepts explored are rooted deeply in the work of the Temple Tradition, and seek out the mysteries of the soul, deeper spirit contact and metaphysical evolution and consciousness expansion.

Successful Completion of Witchcraft V is required, or special permission from the Lead Minister of Sagittarius Ministry. If you are not a graduate but feel you do qualify for this course, please state your reasons upon the application.

Unlike Witchcraft I through V, there is no homework due, or discussion list required. The entire course is given as a whole and students can take it at their own pace. There is no specific start or end date. Students in the course receive materials when their application is processed and approved. The Temple of Witchcraft Ministerial List is a supplemental place to share experience and questions. Instructor Christopher Penczak is also available for direct, private questions.

Cost: $125

Lecture Descriptions

The following are the fifteen lectures you receive as part of the class, including audio file recording and class notes.

Aquarius Rite: Bearing the Phoenix of Light

The ministerial work of Aquarius is the work of community, embracing both the paradigm shifting rebel  and the spirit of social responsibility. Aquarius creates, kindles and stirs the cauldron of community for our service and evolution. Titled the Water Bearer, this air sign is often aligned with the image of the Eagle of Zeus, and the divine light bearers, Prometheus and Lumiel. In the Glastonbury Zodiac, Aquarius is presented as the Phoenix, the divine bird of fire and resurrection, bearing the New Aeon to the world. Through this sacred rite, bear the blessings of water, of air, and of fire to our community. Please bring a candle, a cup and an herb/resin to add to the incense blend.

Pisces Rite: Baptism of the Ecstatic

The ecstatic dissolves the barrier between me and not-me, allowing the endless flow and current of creation to unite everyone and everything. The ecstatic arts of trance through dance, drums, breath, sex, song and intoxicants opens the gates to the mysteries. The Rite of the Ecstatic will asperge you with holy waters, for you to go forward in the mysteries of ecstacy. Please bring a non-toxic, natural essential oil for the ritual waters.

Aries Rite: The Knighting of the Warrior

Witches are described as warriors of light, standing for justice. Many of our Pagan tales are of warriors and knights, blessed to do this work in the world. By the swords of truth and light, be dubbed a warrior of the Witch’s path, no matter how you may battle. Carry the light within you to shine in all that you do. Bring your Athame, Knife or Sword to the ritual.

Taurus Rite: Becoming One with the Land

The Rite of the Steward is to become more attuned to the land that is sacred to you, and through it, to the greater planetary consciousness we know as Gaea. From this perspective can we truly advocate for the greater good of the planet, and recognized our innate connection to all things through the life force of the world. We are all cells within the body of the planet, and must work in common cause. Please bring a small amount of dirt from your home, or homeland – any place you feel intimately connected to and want to remain so. Do not bring dirt from a place that is temporary in your life.

Gemini Rite: Empowering the Sorcerer’s Tongue

The power of the word is both the blessing and curse of the Witch, for when empowered, what we say comes true. At its highest levels, we endeavor to use the Tongue that Never Lies, merging prophecy and  intention through our true will, wisdom and love. Before we do, we must awaken the sorcerer’s tongue to the secret languages, and clean our speech of all that doesn’t serve. An initiation of right speech to use our words truly. Please bring a chalice or cup to this ritual, or a small cup will be provided.

Cancer Rite: Facing the Dark Mother

The Mother of Witches is the Lady of the Underworld, the Dark Mother who holds up the mirror brightly for us to see truly. She is he Lady of Fate and Keeper of the Mysteries. To serve her as Witch one must be self possessed, and be able to go  beyond the veil to the Holy of Holies to face the Dark Mother. Experience the initiation of reflection with the Queen of the Night. Please bring a dark mirror and black cloth to this ritual.

Leo Rite: The Cauldron of Inspiration

The source of the Artisan’s power is in the inspiration of creation. The cauldron of the Dark Goddess is often said to contain the brew that is true, the holy greal of inspiration for bards, seers and sorcerer’s. Through a sacrament of mead, distilled honey and light, find your own inspired heart aflame with love and the creative force of the gods in the world. Please bring a small chalice for the the sacrament.

Virgo Rite: The Sacrament of Cunning Woman

Work with the blessings of Cunning Woman, the first ancestor of the healers, wort cunners and root workers. Like the Medicine Buddha and the Physician gods of other traditions, Cunning Woman brings us the sacrament of the healer, and a elixir to awaken or further empower the wise healer within us all. Bring a small cup or chalice to the ritual.

Libra Rite: The Scales of Ma’at

The adept seeks balance in all things. Only when you can balance the tip of the ethical triangle can you discern clearly and do the work of the mediator and follow the path of the Judge. Go before the Angel of the Abyss, and petition to balance and order your life in this powerful preparatory rite. All we consider karma can be more quickly balanced and set into motion before the scales of Ma’at on the Wheel of Justice. Bring a small vial or sealable bottle for oil and water.

Scorpio Rite: The Bough of the Pyschopomp

In the Southern European traditions, one must bear the Golden Bough to enter the lands of the dead, while in the Norther Climes, it is the Silver Branch. Make a talismans to function as the bough of the North and the South, to receive the blessings of the Guardian to safely do the work of the Psychopomp. Bring a small vessel that can be worn as jewelry – a glass or metal capsule, pouch or vial.

Sagittarius Rite: The Vow of the Mighty Dead

The Mighty Dead are the inner plane teachers who guide the traditions of Witchcraft. Like the Buddhists who make the Bodhisattva vow to join Those Who Wait, we took, can hold the intention to unite our Will, Love and Wisdom, and join the Hidden Company working with the Teacher. Discuss and compare the magickal vow of the Adept and Magus in the Western Traditions as compared to the East and how the Mighty Dead fits into this powerful techniques for transperonal initiation. Please bring a pen and a special piece of parchment paper to this ritual.

Capricorn Rite: Through the Horns of Wisdom

Through the Horns of the Goat God is found wisdom and illumination. Through this blessing of the Father God with a baptism of candle light, learn to find the deep truth betwixt his horns, which are another form of the Gates of Life and Death, the Mighty Pillars both black and white. Please bring a candle of your own color choice to this ritual.

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