Mighty Dead Veneration Group

This group is a part of the Sagittarius Ministry and focuses on working with the Mighty Dead. As saints are venerated in other religions, we seek to honor the Mighty Dead and those known Witches who have passed on before us, as both the collective of the ancestors and as noteworthy individuals. We seek to explore what is possible, and go deeper into our relationship with those of the Timeless Tradition.

Members of this group will commit to working with the collective Mighty Dead and sharing some of their experiences in a private Facebook group.  They will practice the Sagittarius Ritual of Transmission with the Mighty Dead as well as the Scorpio Ministry’s Ritual of Remembrance.

Due to the complex and sometimes precarious nature of working with the dead on an intense basis, this group is limited to graduates of Witchcraft IV and above. Exceptions can be made for those referred by a Temple of Witchcraft teacher for someone who has already successfully completed the Bornless Ritual and has worked extensively with the Mighty Dead.

Following the start of the group, new applications will be accepted at the start of our new year on November 1st and upon graduation from Witchcraft IV. If the online form is closed, please revisit after that time.

For more information, please contact group coordinator Debbie Stellhorn at [email protected].

Temple of Witchcraft