Magickal Astrology

Monthly Online Year-Long Intensive (13 Classes) • $350 class fee

As taught by Christopher Penczak, with Chris Morris.

One lesson per month sent via email. Class begins April 15, 2019, with the next lesson sent on the 15th of each month for 13 lessons total. Lesson includes mp3 class lectures by Christopher and detailed PDF class notes. Group discussion and sharing are available in a private Facebook Group for those who wish to participate, but participation is not required.

No Previous Astrology Experience or Knowledge Needed. A foundation class taught from a magickal perspective.

An intensive and powerful introduction to astrology through the lens of a magickal practitioner. In the ancient world, astronomers, astrologers, magicians and priests were all one vocation, and the stars were looked to not just for insight and prediction, but as living spiritual forces active in our life. Visionary meditation, ritual and spellcraft where ways you could actively engage the forces of the heavens and work cooperatively with them in your life.

The course will include an overview of the basic functions of astrology as taught through an astrological mandala, including the planets, signs, houses and aspects to better understand your own chart and the charts of friends, family and students. Learn to read an ephemeris. Understand how to work with retrograde planets effectively. Understand the importance of the Nodes of the Moon, and explore the asteroids, Part of Fortune, Chiron and Lilith, as well as the relationship between astrology and Tarot. Use astrology as a tool for discovering the curriculum of the soul in this life time and gain clues to past life karmic challenges. Also use it to look at the energy of a time, place, situation or relationship.

The intellectual knowledge of astrology is creatively combined with magickal rituals and meditations to truly understand the stellar forces. We will cover how to perform planetary and zodiac magickal for practical and spiritual purposes, including magickal timing, planetary days and hours, the planetary angels, deities, spirits and daemons with their appropriate seals and sigils. Healing work and modern applications of medical astrology and magick will be covered. The making of planetary and zodiacal oils, incense, and talismans will also be explored. No astrology or magickal experience is required, but this is an intensive course for those wanting to deeply explore the magick of astrology.

It is suggested you familiarize yourself with the astrological sign and planetary glyphs, and recommended reading is The Inner Sky by Steve Forrest, Astrology: A Cosmic Science by Isabel M. Hickey (with art by Sheila Waters) and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Astrology.

Chris Morris is an astrologer and Witchcraft IV initiate with a passion for magickal systems. He will be assisting Christopher in the class through administration, answering questions, and leading group discussion.
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