Dark Moon Mysteries

The Temple holds monthly gatherings on the dark moons to explore the deeper mysteries. For intermediate practitioners, not beginners to magick and Witchcraft. Ideally for students currently in Witchcraft 3 or higher, or similar experience with ritual, meditation and occult history. Must pre-register. Email [email protected] with the Subject Dark Moon Mystery Class and the date  to register. Space is Limited.

The Bridges of Magick

January 2019

Cross the bridges of magick into both ancient and new areas of consciousness. Look at the myths of the bridge as the image of both guardian and gateway.  Often there was a fearsome land guardian in the form of a troll or other monster blocking passage. Understand the use of the bridge through the veil and the mystery of the abyss. Seek the Bridges of Light in the form of the Norse Bifrost, the Bridge of Bone to the ancestors and the Bridge of Stars in the Milky Way.

The Temple of the Seven Rays

February 2019

Explore the concept of the Inner Temple of the Seven Rays, the nexus of the mighty ones where the sacred keys of Will, Love, Wisdom, Harmony, Science, Devotion and Transmutation are honored. The science of the seven rays consists of a magickal correspondence system and model of the cosmos.  Rooted in the Theosophical Teachings of Light and the mahatmas, we shall look at these concepts through the lens of the modern Witch and the Mighty Dead.

The Spiritual Immune System

March 2019

“As above, so below; As within, so without” is the teaching, and through it, we can better understand the parallels between our physical immune system and our spiritual immune system. Explore the esoteric parallels to bacteria, viruses, parasites and the anti-bodies and immune response. Look at how the magician’s body works with curses, otherworld attack, geopathic stress, destructive beings, backlash, impact from non-human realms, and personal and collective karma. Learn remedies and how to work with your body to optimize your magickal health.

The Seven Wonders

May 2019

Seven magnificent wonders of the ancient western world are recorded. Various modern global lists for the seven wonders have been proposed. Seven sacred sites captures our magickal imagination, pointing to the concept of the Earth and seven sacred chakra centers where we can attune to planetary consciousness. Review various collections of seven sacred sites and then through visionary work, experience the magick of the seven wonders.

The Tides of Magick

July 1, 2019

We all known and feel the tides of magick flowing around, within, and through us, but the basic patterns we know are part of larger and more intricate cycles. We observe and attune to the tides of light and dark, life and death, to the Sun, Moon and stars, but there is more. Just as the world has visible weather and sea tides, so do the magickal worlds that flow in and out of our visible reality. We have personal tides of vitality that interlink with the larger flow. And there are greater often unseen tides of creation, destruction, blessing, blight, and inspiration. Discuss some of these vital cycles and how to work with them as magickal forces.

The Topography of the Underworlds

July 30, 2019

A deeper exploration of the maps of the underworld, including the entities found within it. Look to understand the intimate relationship between familiar realms of the recently dead, the deeper ancestors, faery beings, elemental realms, dreaming, and the Lord and Lady of the Depths. Explore the less well known guardians, decomposers, interior stars, and forgotten dreams. Use models of the seven gates or keeps, the nine hells, the inverse tree, and the three worlds to create personal maps, with the understanding all is part of a greater whole.

Otherworld Ecology

August 29, 2019

As the physical world has intricate ecological systems that modern science is growing in its understanding, the spirit worlds also have vast and complex ecological systems that we can observe and seek to understand deeper. Spirit diversity is as necessary as biodiversity for a healthy cosmos, and the physical world mirrors, and can grants us greater understanding, of our experiences in the spirit worlds.  Look at the potentials of otherworld ecology in terms of systems, scope and cycling of energies, and the possibility of migration, habitat, niche environments, competition and cooperation in these realms.

Scorpions for the Queen of Heaven

September 27, 2019

Seek out the attending forces and emanations of the Great Goddess, often through the form of insects such as scorpions, spiders, bees, and ants. We shall look at the myths of Isis and the Seven Scorpions, the Sumerian Scorpion-Man guardians in the Epic of Gilgamesh, and figures such as Artemis, Demeter, Arachnae and Athena. Through vision seek the attending powers of the divine and better understand your role with each.

The Roots of Humanity

November 26, 2019

Theosophy and old world occultism often describe the origins of humanity in the stars and through a series of evolutions through the cosmic ages. From the Metallic Ages of the Greeks to the myths of Atlantis and Lemuria, our evolution moves through a mythos of falling and return. Through vision work, explore the mythic origins of humanity, comparing it with current science’s understanding of our earliest ancestors.

The Cosmic Ark

January 23, 2020

The ark is the vessel of a particular spiritual journey, encoded in the familiar myth of the Great Flood. Governed by symbol and sacred geometry, we find more subtle myths in the tales of Solomon’s Ship and the Barge of Ra following the course of the Sun. Likewise are the vehicles of the gods, the various chariots and animal steeds in the Greek and Hindu myths. Most prominent today is the techniques of the merkaba. Look at the group consciousness journeys as found in modern core shamanism, and the deeper visions of sailing the rivers of blood and the cosmic oceans.

Spiritual Service and Inner World Helpers

February 25, 2020

Consider more deeply the art of spiritual service through remote journey and exploration of the inner world planes. Deepen you own relationships with guides, allies and other helping spirits in service to a greater good of the physical and spiritual worlds. Learn how to work more clearly with guidance, and avoid martyrdom or ego savior traps, but do the good you can, when and where you can. Humanity is in a unique position to be of service when conscious enough to address imbalances and do work without hope for personal reward or immediate gratification. Take the skills you have learned in your own path and share them with the world.

The Spirits of Disease

March 26, 2020

In an animist perspective, everything is alive and intelligent. Along with spirits of blessing, protection and good fortune, there are spirits of misfortune, accident and illness. The Spirits of Disease are not evil, though they operate in unpleasant but necessary ways. The magick worker looks to either battle or partner with such spirits to bring healing. Look to the paradigm of homeopathy, reimagining concepts such as miasms to etheric illnesses passed along family lines, responsible for the foot of many of our modern illness. Look to the underlying patterns of energy and the spirits they embody, that promote illness or health within us, and how to communicate with such spirits to alleviate suffering and heal.

Crossroads of the World

May 21, 2020

The crossroads, in the tangible world where two or three roads meet, or as a powerful image for the intersection of the worlds. Many deities are associated with the crossroads, with Hecate and Hermes being chief among them in the Witchcraft traditions today. Other images for the intersection of the worlds includes the Dance Floor, the Game Board, the Threshing Room, the Field, the Marketplace and the Labyrinth. Explore all of these images as ways to understand and interact with the world of infinite possibility surrounding us.

Magickal Vermifuge

June 23, 2020

In herbal medicine, a vermifuge is a potentially toxic herb that kills parasites and vermin. As above, so below, as we have such creatures in the physical world, we have similar entities in the spiritual worlds. What is the nature of parasites? How do they differ from spiritual symbiotes? Unwanted entities can be found within personal energy, group consciousness, specific places and institutions. There are precautions to prevent, and prescriptions to remove unwanted intrusions. Engage in some magickal vermifuge and clear and clean yourself.

Pagan Prophecies and Apocalypse – Part 1

August 18, 2020

While many Pagans and Witches pride themselves in not having holy texts, rather finding our scripture in nature and the stars, we do have beautiful literature and teachings from the ancient world, and many modern myths. While we might embrace the idea that we reflect upon cycles and have no end of the world prophecy as other traditions do, we actually have quite a few as part of our cycles. Explore the concept of the magickal apocalypse, be it in the legends of Atlantis, the Prophecies of Merlin, Norse Ragnarok, or the Procession of the Equinoxes, the Aeon of Horus and even the popular 2012 Mayan Calendar. Learn that the World has always been ending and what to do about it.

The Procession of the Witch Cult

October 16, 2020

Processions play a huge role in religious practices including both the exoteric celebration of community and the esoteric practices of the mystery cults. We process the statues of gods and saints for blessing, and process to graveyards and cemeteries to inter the dead. Tradition teaches us that spirits have their own processions through the world we know. The Barge of Ra moves through the arc of the day towards the underworld of night. Faeries process at the changing of the seasons revitalizing the world. The dead process back through the gates to visit with the living. The Wild Hunt rides through the forest and sky gathering the dead. Look to observe and participate in the processions. For intermediate practitioners, not beginners to magick and Witchcraft. Ideally for students currently in Witchcraft 3 or higher, or similar experience with ritual, meditation and occult history. Must pre-register. Email [email protected] with the Subject Dark Moon Mystery Class and the date  to register. Space is Limited.

Death and The Soul Road

November 16 , 2020

Explore the Soul’s Road after death. What does consciousness do upon death? We shall look at ancient and modern ideas around the journey of the soul, and how initiation might better prepare one for death. We will look at terrestrial visitation in relationship to the three soul model, and look at the ancient Road of Souls found in the Milky Way and the king stars of the North, in particular Denab and the starts in the constellation of Cygnus.

Breaking the Spell of the Old Aeon – Part 2

December 14, 2020

Each aeon casts its world spell upon us, in the hope to learn its own mystery of evolution before progressing onward, yet each worldview becomes comfortable way of being as change grows increasingly scary. As the Age of Pisces draws to a close for the Age of Aquarius, we must break the collective spell of the old world to bring forth the new. We do this by looking at the timeless truths of magick, evolution and initiation underpinning all aeons. We integrate the lessons of the past aeon and learn how to move towards the new.

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