We Are the Witchcraft: Jack Parsons


Inspired by the universal nature of the Witch as found in Jack Parsons’s “We Are the Witchcraft” prose, the Temple of Witchcraft honors our Witch ancestors to deepen our relationship with them.


In this offering, we honor Jack Parsons himself, who wrote, “We are the Witchcraft” among other writings. Jack Parsons was a rocket engineer and chemist, whose work eventually made space travel possible. He was a Thelemite who ran one of Aleister Crowley’s branches in California and is known for creating the Babylon Working.

He was part of what was called the “Suicide Squad” due to his work with explosives long before the movies came out. His professional work was not mentioned for a long time due to his Magickal activities, but now that we are finally more open about Witchcraft in general, he is beginning to receive the credit he is due.

Learn about Jack’s life, and how you might seek him as a benefactor, or simply be inspired by his work. [1 hour, 33 minute audio-video lecture, 5 minute audio-video supplemental material, PDF presentation slides, notes and references.]

Presenter Debbie Stellhorn is a High Priestess and ordained minister in Temple of Witchcraft. She is the Libra Ministry lead minister, works as a Deputy in the Sagittarius Ministry, and is the Temple’s Fundraising Coordinator. She co-teaches classes in the Sagittarius Ministry on the topics of the Mighty Dead and Psychology applied to Magick. She has been a member of the Temple of Witchcraft since 2012 and lives in New Jersey.

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