Preparatory Classes

The Libra Ministry is happy to provide classes offering practical non-magickal advice on topics associated with reaching ministerial levels in the Temple. Some ministerial members may also find these classes useful.

If qualified for these classes, please email [email protected] or [email protected] for the password to access them. Please include your full name and the date of your last Mystery School graduation.

If you are a student or graduate in need of a scholarship for one of these classes, please email [email protected] after speaking to your teacher if you are a current student.

Active Listening 101

In this short video you will learn the basics of active listening after reviewing how our personal triggers can sometimes interfere with hearing others.  Tips for handling your triggers and basic active listening steps will be covered.

Open to Mystery School students graduates of WC2 and above with1 CEU for ordained ministers. $10.00 donation to the Temple.

How to Write a Class Description

Do you want to present at an event, such as Temple Hearth or TempleFest, or teach a non-Mystery School class in the Temple of Witchcraft but can’t get past writing the class description to apply? Do you receive questions back from a minister when you enter a proposal?

This class can help you with the process of writing a class description that includes all the necessary information to present your idea in an understandable way.

Open to:

  • Temple of Witchcraft Ministers
  • Mystery school students currently enrolled in WC3 and above
  • Mystery School initiates (graduates) of WC2 and above

This is a non-CEU class of the Libra Ministry. $10.00 donation to the Temple.

A Minister’s Presence on Social Media

Are you sometimes confused on social media about who is representing the Temple of Witchcraft and who is not or are you a minister in the Temple struggling with using your personal and/or shared Temple presence on social media? The later can be challenging, but it is possible.

Understanding how personal reputation sometimes gets confused with the Temple’s reputation is a vital part of navigating social media. In this class we will discuss pointers for telling the difference between true Temple of Witchcraft messages and those who might inadvertently or purposefully try to use the Temple’s name for other reasons.

We will also speak about keeping your personal life separate from your Temple identity and when to merge the two, as well as keeping your professional business separate from the Temple if you have one.

For those seeking to enter Witchcraft V in the future or even become ordained, we will review what leadership looks for in representing the Temple of Witchcraft.

Open to all Mystery School students, including student currently enrolled in Witchcraft I. 1.5 CEUs for ordained ministers. $10.00 donation to the Temple.

The Path To Ordination 

Do you want to be ordained in the Temple of Witchcraft or are you already ordained and would like to better guide others down this path? Although there are many reasons to be ordained, the process has key factors that are common to all those who receive ordination status.

In this one-and-a-half-hour class, we will review:

  • The difference between ministerial members and ordained Temple ministers
  • Reasons to pursue ordination in the Temple
  • The difference between legal ordination and being an ordained minister in the Temple
  • Guiding others to be ordained
  • Writing recommendation letters
  • Potential Mystery School Teachers
  • Potential branch leaders

Before and after ordination:

  • Significant Service in the Temple of Witchcraft Community:
    • Trust
    • Ability to work with others
    • Leadership and managerial skills
    • Administrative skills
  • Volunteer work in the Temple, near and far
  • Deep alignment and connection to the spirits, mythos, symbols, and egregore of the Temple of Witchcraft.
  • Continuing Education Credits

Open to all Mystery School graduates and students in Witchcraft IV or above. 1.5 CEUs for current ordained ministers. $15 donation to the Temple.

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