Drumming for Ritual

The Art, Science and Mysteries of the Drum

Four class series, Sundays from 2:00 – 5:00 pm in South Hampton, New Hampshire. Class dates: July 31, August 21, September 18, and October 16. Students are welcome to register and take all four classes or drop-in for individual classes: $80 donation for the entire series or $25 per class. Students in need of financial assistance or scholarship, or willing to provide the same for others, should email [email protected] to inquire.

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Deepen your relationship with the drum and the ecstatic experience of drumming in ritual through exploration of the art, science and mysteries of the drum.

Each of these four classes will be focused on building the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to elevate your drumming and deepen your ritual experience as a rhythmatist. Over the course of these classes we’ll discuss various occult aspects and esoteric lore of the Drum, work together on learning a new polyrhythm for each class, and learn how to release ourselves through improvisation in the context of both rituals and drum circles.

Some of the other topics we’ll discuss and play with are the magick of polyrhythms, energetic profiles of various drums, holding space while actively drumming, personal energy management for drumming, and playing with other instruments.

We’ll connect to and find inspiration from rhythms throughout all aspects of life, and how to bring that inspiration into ritual.

No prior experience is required and all levels are welcome. We will be playing the djembe, primarily. One can be provided if you don’t already have one of your own. Please contact Paul at [email protected] to reserve one.

There will also be a featured drum in each class such as the frame drum, doumbek, congas, or dununs. We’ll talk about its history, typical rhythmic styles and techniques of play, and how it might be integrated into ritual.

Whereas the material will build from class to class, each will stand on its own and drop-ins are welcome. Previous material will be reviewed briefly at the start of each new class.

Bring a chair for playing if you have one, and don’t forget water and any snacks you may want.

You are the instrument, the drum is your cohort for expression. Find your voice and let it sing through the drum.

Paul first stepped onto the drummer’s path over 35 years ago. He has studied the music and traditions of the drum from West Africa and the Middle East to South Asia and Japan. Paul has been drumming regularly for Temple of Witchcraft events since 2015 and is currently a W2 graduate. He has been practicing the 5-Element Sound Therapy method of sound healing since 2016, and is currently enrolled in studies with the School of Sound Therapy.

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