Aquarius Ministry

Jason Nadeau, HP

Jason Nadeau is a High Priest and Ordained Minister in the Temple of Witchcraft. His primary place of volunteering in the Temple is as Ministerial Deputy for the Taurus Ministry where he leads and trains volunteers for the Animal Healing Ministry, sending healing to animals and their human companions and also works to aid animals [...]

Lisa Maddry

Lisa Maddry is a Deputy for the Aquarius Ministry and just completed her 4th degree in the Temple of Witchcraft. Lisa has over 20 years of experience in the field of Emergency Management and is working on advancing her knowledge and training in mental health and spiritual care. In addition to her Temple work, Lisa [...]

Amanda “Sellena” Dear, HPS

Sellena is a High Priestess and Ordained minister of the Temple of Witchcraft. She is Aquarius Lead Minister and works with the Sagittarius Ministry as a Teacher and Student Mentor online as well as moderating the Temple’s Runic Stones Study group. She also works with Pisces Ministry facilitating sabbat and ritual events in Jackson, MS. [...]

Lisa K., HPS

Ordained Minister, Aquarius Deputy Minister Services: Public events, house blessings Contact: [email protected]

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