Airmid Plantwalker, HPS

Airmid is an herbalist, a witch with Northern roots, and a healer by virtue of Reiki and many years in the practice of professional nursing. In addition to her work with the Temple of Witchcraft, she is the owner of Airmid Plantwalker’s Mighty Herbs, LLC. In her spare time she enjoys crafts and the company of her two dogs and three cats.

She began her studies with Christopher in the fall of 2009, completing the online curriculum in 2015. She is a High Priestess, ordained minister in the Temple, serves the Sagittarius ministry in the capacity of mentor, and as a teacher of in-person Mystery School classes in Southwest Houston, Texas. She has served the Sagittarius ministry in the past as Witchcraft 3 board moderator, and Witchcraft 1 Teaching Assistant.

Airmid’s teaching background includes positions with two local Junior Colleges as adjunct and full-time faculty in their medical careers programs.

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