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Join the Temple of Witchcraft community for a weekend of spiritual education.

SEPTEMBER 22 to 24, 2023

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Friday, September 22

4:00 PM – Check-in

6:00 PM – Opening Ritual
This year marks the 24th anniversary of the community agreement between the Temple of Witchcraft and the Faery Court of Queen Aroxana. Join us for this opening ritual once again renewing and recommitting to our agreement of the Blue Ray of Love through the building of a small stone cairn to keep the flow between us for TempleFest and beyond.

7:00 PM – Welcome Dinner

9:00 PM – Night Market
Unleash your curiosity, embrace the unseen, and allow the Night Market to become your gateway to the spirits of TempleFest. Step into a realm where mortals and mystical beings converge, where vendors, psychic readers, captivating performances, and a bardic circle combine to create an unforgettable evening of enchantment and discovery.
Will take place indoors at the vendor market and outside leading down to the amphitheatre.

Saturday, September 23

7:00 AM – Morning Exercise

7:00 AM – Breakfast

9:15 AM – Keynote
Fantastic Fairies: From Folklore to Neopaganism
Morgan Daimler
Fairies are intrinsically tied to humanity across cultures and centuries, changing and adapting along with their human neighbors. The beliefs we have in paganism today are built on a range of sources including folklore, literature, theosophy, and popculture. Exploring these sources and how they’ve been blended and blurred together can be very useful for those seeking to engage with these beings or create stronger connections to them. We will discuss various sources of modern fairy beliefs and how belief may shape our interactions.

10:45 AM – Morning Workshop Sessions
Ink & Blood: Ritual Tattooing in History and Living Practice
Morpheus Ravenna
Tattooing is one of humanity’s oldest art forms, created by our ancestors on virtually every continent of the world. It has been a sacred art in most cultures, revered for its power to adorn and bless the body, to communicate identity and belonging, to invoke magic and protection, to stimulate healing, and to connect us with our holy powers through the living portal of our skin. This talk will explore what it means to re-contextualize tattooing in its historical place as a sacred art, what that looks like in living sacred tattoo traditions, what it may have looked like in European pre-Christian contexts, and how we can bring this forward in our own ink rituals.

Temple Building and Sacred Geometry of Solar Rectangle
Christopher Penczak, Jason Gamache
An introduction to the sacred geometry being used on the Temple property to build sacred sites in harmony with the Earth, Sun, and Elements. Explore the rhythm of the Solar Rectangle and receive a boost of healing energy. Learn the basic concepts of the Goose Foot, set to the local land, and how to use it both as an amulet for protection and purity, and its associations with the three rays in the concept of Victory, Beauty, and Wisdom. Play with elemental squares to evoke the presence of earth, water, fire, ether, and air. Experience the sacred space of a triple enclosure and how the idea relates to both ancient temples all across the world and the Witch’s own magick circle.

Of Plants and Planets: An Animist Approach to Planetary Herbalism
Matthew Venus
Throughout history the relationship between planetary signatures and working with plants has been intimately intertwined. In this class we will explore animist approaches to working with and conjuring the spirits of plants alongside understanding the role that planetary rulership plays in relation to understanding their nature. Further, we will explore the great chain of being, various methods for identifying the planetary rulership of plants, and ways we might use planetary squares and symbols to call upon celestial spirits to further empower our herbalism.

Memory Palace of the Bagahi Rune
Adam Sartwell
Do you have trouble remembering long strings of barbarous words or the invocations in your magickal work? Did you know there are ancient memory techniques to remember just about anything? Learn about the history of the art of memory and some of the techniques you can use to memorize the words for ritual (or anything else, for that matter). In this class we will work thorough how to memorize the Bagahi rune from Witchcraft IV.

Wandering in the Woods Plant Walk
Danielle Dionne
Wander the forest trails of Templefest on this plant identification exploration. Come for a walk in the woods and be introduced to the local flora. Commune with the spirits of the plants and land as we share in the wisdom of what the green world offers us. Learn about the medicinal and magickal attributes of the plants that join us on this adventure!

Crystal Grid Journey
Sue Ustas
Join ZuZu’s Owner and Crystal Goddess Sue Ustas as she guides participants in a deep meditative journey into a crystal grid portal in the center of the room. We will journey as a group deep into the Earth to meet with a Crystal Being and experience their energy, wisdom and gifts that they share with us. Participants are encouraged to lay down for this experience, but it can also be experienced sitting in a chair if needed. Participants should also be familiar with meditation or journeying and be able to meditate for an extended period of time, as the journey is approximately 45min long

12:00 PM – Lunch

2:00 PM – Afternoon Workshop Sessions
Guided Meditation & Sound Bath
Lucia Antocci
Join Lucia in a peaceful sound bath experience. We will begin with a guided meditation, followed by a deeper dive into meditation through sacred sound. Lucia uses crystal bowls, chimes and bells to create vibrations that bring the body’s energy systems into natural alignment. Your brain, body and energetic field will sync up to the frequencies and gently guide you into deep states of relaxation and meditation. Please dress comfortably and bring a yoga mat, light blanket or anything else that may make you feel at ease while laying down. A notebook or water bottle might be a good addition as well. Accommodations can be made for those that cannot lay on the ground during the sound bath.

The Rite of Seven Jars
Storm Faerywolf
In one of the myths of the Faery tradition, Melek Ta’us, the Peacock Angel, is said to have collected his tears in seven jars and used them to extinguish the fires of Hell. Part trance journey and part ritual, we will travel to this infernal dimension to assist in the purification and release of those trapped there, as well as face our own demons of guilt, shame, and fear. We will open our hearts in fierce compassion for the world to work the transformation of darkness and oppression into the shining light of freedom.
(While no specific experience is necessary to attend, because of the potential emotional intensity, this rite is considered intermediate to advanced. Participant discretion is advised.)

Stones of the Fae
Nicholas Pearson
Throughout history certain rocks and gems have been connected to faery myth and lore. Crystal castles in the Hills, ever-glowing gems, and stones bearing unusual forms feature heavily in faery lore. Join crystal expert Nicholas Pearson for a deep dive into the crystals thought to attract, protect from, and better connect to the Fair Folk.

The Crossroads of Neurodivergency, Trauma, Chaos, and Your Magic
Angela Pote
This class is designed to explore the intersection of neurodivergency, trauma, chaos, and personal magic. It will delve into the unique experiences of those who identify as neurodivergent and have experienced trauma, as well as the ways in which chaos and personal magic can intersect with and impact these experiences.
Through guided discussions, experiential exercises, and creative activities, participants will gain a deeper understanding of their own neurodivergency, trauma, and personal magic. They will explore how these factors can both contribute to and detract from their overall well-being, and learn strategies for navigating the challenges that arise.
This class is intended for anyone who identifies as neurodivergent or has experienced trauma, and is interested in exploring the connections between their experiences and their personal sense of magic or spirituality. It will provide a safe and supportive space for participants to share their experiences, learn from one another, and develop new tools for self-discovery and healing

Whispers in the Woods: Engaging with the Spirits of Place
Elizabeth Autumnalis
Beyond the well-known deities and regularly invoked spirits, lie a tapestry of often overlooked beings residing within our very own backyards. Let us call upon the spirits that dwell within the flora and fauna surrounding our homes, the ancestral spirits rooted deep within the land, and the ethereal entities born from the rich tapestry of lore.
You will be guided through a sacred ritual experience designed to foster a profound connection with the Genius Loci, the spirit(s) of the land, and the spirits of TempleFest. We will honor and acknowledge these entities, open ourselves to their wisdom and presence, and deepen our understanding of the energetic threads that bind us to our surroundings.

Into the Labyrinth: Change Through Movement
Laura Tempest Zakroff
Life is a labyrinth: we are constantly moving through layers to reveal ourselves. In this workshop, we will work with physical movements that will aid in uncovering the various layers of our psyche (playing with age, identity, ability, and roles), as well as help us to connect with the journey of others. Discover sacred and ecstatic movement that you can incorporate into your own practices and rituals regardless of gender, body type, or ability. Comfortable clothing is recommended.

3:45 PM – Evening Workshop Sessions
Fires of the Queer Spirit
Erica Baron
This is a ritual for people who self-identify as queer to share sacred space with each other, and with Queer Spirit. We will share as we are moved about our own experience of queerness, and commune with Queer Spirit for healing and inspiration. (We use an expansive definition of Queer that includes gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, non-binary, polyamorous, asexual, aromantic, and more. If you identify as queer, you are welcome.)

Creating Dynamic Rituals
Phoenix Lefae
Rituals are more than reading the words off of a page. Rituals are a way to connect with the mystery of the world. They open us up to something more than ourselves. They can help us heal, transform, and change the world. Rituals planned with care and awareness, can create a dynamic opportunity to help participants really get deep into magickal space. In this workshop we will talk about creating powerful rituals and even take the steps to plan one ourselves!

Scion of Scent: Aromatic Talismans and Scented Sigils
Amy Blackthorn
Witches have worked with aromatic plants since time immemorial. In this offering by aromatherapist and author of ‘Blackthorn’s Botanical Magic,’ we will journey together to design aromatic talismans combining magical properties, musical associations, and astrological correspondences. Learn to make a scent sigil and how to work with the thoughtforms of these intentions in ritual.

Rewilding the Soul(s) of the Witch
Nathan Hall
Many traditions of witchcraft follow a three souls model. The primal soul which communicates not through language but through other-language such as powerful symbol, flashes of visual, audial as well as inspiration goes by many names, including the Shaper in the Temple tradition or the Fetch self or Sticky One in the Feri Tradition.
In our modern era the connection to the wild self and the power that it holds has been suppressed but we’ll discuss methods for feeding and revivifying our connection with this feral self by connecting and feeding this soul through our connection to Faery.

Stolen Power: The Witch, the Devil, and Bestial Rites of Transgession
Matthew Venus
The black cat, toad, and the hare. Creatures long allied to the figures of both Devil and Witch. In this presentation we will explore the mythos and folklore of these animals, and their significance in witchcraft and magic. Further we will discuss their appearance in some of the most taboo and transgressive rituals known in folk magical traditions. Specifically the rites of acquiring the toad bone, the rabbit’s foot, and the black cat bone.
Through this cross comparison we’ll uncover a ritual transmission which spans both time and continents. Revealing the secrets of shapeshifters, conjurors, gamblers, and horsemen in order to reveal a legacy of bestial witchcraft and stolen power through ritual fetish.

5:00 PM – Dinner

7:15 PM – Fire Scrying
Join Hawkeye for an evening workshop, conducted in the mesmerizing presence of the Sacred Fire, to delve into the ancient art of fire scrying. Learn about the practical applications of scrying into the captivating dance of flames.
No prior experience with scrying or fire-related practices is necessary to participate in this workshop. Come and join us for an unforgettable evening of exploration, connection, and profound insights as we unlock the mysteries hidden within the flames.

9:00 PM – The Faery Quest
Steve Kenson
For one night, we will ritually invoke the Faerie Court into sacred space and invite members of the community to go on a journey to meet Fae allies, embodied through our ritualists, before arriving for their audience with Aroxana and Aubrey, the Queen and King of our allied Court. Space will be limited and opportunities to embark on this Quest will be drawn by lots.

9:00 PM – Evening Ritual
The Grand Offering of the Wheel of the Year
Adam Sartwell, Christopher Penczak, Sellena
Throughout the years the Temple of Witchcraft has had the aid and support of the Faery Court of our Queen and King. In this eight part ritual we will create an offering of gratitude to the fair folk of our community and ask for their continued aid throughout the turning of the ritual year. In sacred space held by the four jacks of the seasons and the four horned lords, we will create and empower an offering to be taken back to the lands below the mound in thanks for all their blessings, and most especially the Faery Quest ritual of Templefest. We will offer up the fruits of time to the timeless so there is always peace between us. Join Ritual presenters Adam Sartwell, Christopher Penczak and Sellena to add your own love and blessing to the Grand Offering.

Sunday, September 24

7:00 AM – Morning Exercise

7:00 AM – Breakfast

9:00 AM – Keynote
East of the Sun
Christopher Penczak
Despite the many blessings of the modern world, we still suffer from an epidemic of loss, separation, disillusionment, and disenchantment with ourselves, each other, and the world. Many intuitively seek the Soul of Witchcraft as a balm for the ills of ourselves and the world as we know inherently in Witchcraft there is a spiritual medicine, the cure all, the panacea. Through this divine magickal force, we can become untangled, clear distortion, release ourselves from our traps and prisons, and seek the restoration of the Garden of the Gods, a true homecoming. Learn a simple but powerful contemplative practice to move all from exile to reunion.

10:45 AM – Morning Workshop Sessions
All Acts of Love and Pleasure are My Rituals
Discussion Panel
As the Charge of the Goddess by Doreen Valliente tells us, all acts of love and pleasure are sacred rituals that connect with and honor divinity. Come join the Scorpio Ministry and an exciting panel of witches for an open and caring discussion exploring questions about sexuality as an expression of the sacred, its role in Witchcraft, various blocks to its expression and how to move forward with deeper connection. Sacred Sexuality in the traditions of Witchcraft is an important area of focus in the Scorpio ministry and we are excited to offer this discussion.
Our panelists include these amazing witches: Danielle Dionne, Elizabeth Autumnalis, Erica Baron, JT Mouradian, Oceana LeBlanc, Ryan Cucchi, Simon Hewitt, Steve Kenson, and Wrentek MacGowan. Elsa Elliott, Lead Minister of Scorpio for the Temple, will be moderating the conversation. Please join us!

Faery and the Underworld Journey
Storm Faerywolf
Folklore tells us of another race of beings that inhabit this world, just beyond the periphery of our perception. Sometimes small, sometimes giant, but always powerful, these inter-dimensional beings hold the key to living in harmony with the land and accessing our own divine potential.
Drawing from folklore and the practices of the Anderson Faery tradition (Feri), we will discuss the processes (and traditional prohibitions) of communicating with this level of terrestrial consciousness before engaging in a ritual to journey into the shining realm, to return with messages and gifts to deepen our magical practices.

Advanced Self Care: Battling Burnout for Pagans and Leadership
Amy Blackthorn
The more tumultuous the times, the more our friends, family and other practitioners need us. And the more likely that we are stretching ourselves too thin. If the solution were as simple as a bubble bath or a glass of mead, we’d have done that by now. Join folk herbalist and aromatherapist Amy Blackthorn in looking at the root of the issue and how strategies for self care used by our non-Pagan friends may not be appropriate. How the needs of the priesthood differ from solitary practitioners as well as crafting solutions that work for the long haul with magical squares, astrological petitions and more.

Being a Spiritual Rebel
Phoenix Lafae
Spirituality in the form of Witchcraft should be a rebellious act. Many of us find our way to the practice of Witchcraft because we are seeking change, connection, and let’s be honest, power. Witches and heretics are the outsiders of mainstream culture. They are the edge-walkers and the world changers. It is an honor to step into the lineage of spiritual rebel and it is an important part of the magick of Witchcraft. In this workshop, we will explore the potential of our own personal spiritual rebellion and step closer to our own inner heretic. Part lecture, part hands-on exploration, part ritual, during our time together we will speak the names of the rebels of the past and seek their influence, wisdom, and magick on the rebellions we wish to create in the world today.

Three Inner Cauldrons: Energize, Connect, Transform
Mat Auryn
In this workshop, explore how to use the Three Inner Cauldrons to energize and connect with different types of energies and reality’s layers. Learn to balance your physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects through guided meditations, exercises, and discussions on the alchemist’s seven stages. Cultivate awareness of your inner and outer worlds and create positive change. Suitable for novices and experts in energy work.

12:00 PM – Lunch

2:00 PM – Mabon Ritual
Pisces Ministry
Welcome to our annual Mabon celebration, where we gather to honor the balance between light and dark. In this sacred ritual, we will incorporate the ancient art of scrying to receive personalized messages from the Ladies of the Cauldron. Gaze into the tranquil waters and delve into the depths of your inner self to receive the messages needed at this time.

4:30 PM – Evening Workshop Sessions
Mapping the Microcosm
Chandra Williams
Learn about the Witch’s altar, hallows, and more. Journey through the landscape of the season, using your senses to gain inspiration and insight in order to join with fellow participants in building a community altar.

Floral Heart of Faery: The Magick and Medicine of Foxglove
Nicholas Pearson
The foxglove is a toxic plant oft-connected to the magick and lore of the Fair Folk. This genus of plants embodies a litany of paradoxes: they both harm and heal, banish and bless, and open the door from the material to the mystical. In this interactive class you’ll discover several varieties of foxglove, explore their traditional lore and magic, learn about foxglove flower essence, and enjoy a guided journey with the deva of foxglove.

The Faery Consciousness: Mycelial Connections at Home and Abroad
Nathan Hall
The mushroom kingdom has historically held many ties to the Fae, our cousins upon this earth. Through mycelial networks, fungi connect plants and trees, transmute toxins, transfer nutrients and transmit messages between species. This kingdom may in fact be the key to a deeper connection and bonding with our Faerie brethren. We’ll discuss methods for partnering with these spirits of the land in your local environment, honoring your commitments and working magick towards your mutual benefit.

Introduction to the Nine Worlds of the Norse
Jason Nadeau
The Norse had so many gods and goddesses they needed nine worlds just to make room for all of them.
Come to join in an introductory journey to the nine worlds of the Norse. We’ll be talking about what these worlds look like, where they are along the great tree Yggdrasil, how they relate to each other, and who might be found there.
This understanding will also be helpful for anyone looking to relate and work with Norse deities as well as in the study of Runes as a divination and magickal system.

Sprites and Goblins and Spirits of the Glen: Spirit Alliances
Morpheus Ravenna
The Celtic traditions tell of druids, witches and warriors conjuring mighty magics with the aid of Otherworldly forces and alliances. They called the rivers to rise to their aid; the skies to pour showers of sorcery; the land to bring forth phantom armies to fight for them. They conjured spirit guardians and shapeshifted into animal forms. Their very tools and weapons were enchanted with spirits allied to their cause. In this class, we will look at methods of spirit work woven from folk tradition, archaeological study, early literature, and personal experience, to discover how spirit alliances can foster a vibrant magical practice.

6:00 PM – Closing Ritual
Join us in saying farewell for now to our Faery Allies and Temple Spirits as we bring a close to 2023 Templefest and take a stone from the cairn to bring the magick home with us.

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