Learn the Tarot

8-week online course with Chris Giroux
Friday evenings from 7:00–9:00 pm Eastern time
beginning September 3, 2021 • $200 class fee
online registration form

Divination is the art and practice of seeking an audience with the Divine in order to gain insight so that we might make better choices for ourselves as we journey on our path.  The Tarot is a divination tool and, as such, can be used to aid us in seeking information to assist us in our personal transformations.  As a system, the Tarot follows an evolutionary process and each suit has a story to tell: learn the story and you learn the Tarot. Each suit takes us on a journey, and to understand that journey is to know ourselves. To know ourselves is to give us the insights needed which allow and encourage us to be more responsible to and for ourselves, our world, and The World.

This class is designed to introduce you to the stories of the cards from the suits and the Major Arcana, from Ace of Wands through the World, suit by suit, in order to learn the cards and their stories so that we might be able to use them to gain the insight we need to be more effective in affecting change in our lives.

Audio recordings of classes will be provided to those who are registered, but live attendance is strongly encouraged. Have a notebook and pen (or your keyboard and an app) handy, as there will be no class handouts, and have a Tarot deck of 78 cards, not an oracle deck or non-standard deck, for reference.

Chris Giroux is a renowned Tarot reader with decades of experience, happy to share his extensive knowledge of the cards with the Temple Community.  He has been studying and practicing magic for over thirty years.  An accomplished Tarot reader and teacher, long standing member of the Temple Community, Initiated Priest of the Ancestors and the Inner Convocation, he has led workshops on Concepts of the Goddess from around the world, Tarot, Runes, the Ifa Religion of West Africa and the Faerie Faith of the Celtic World.