Oracular Spectacular: Christine Ford


Receive a 15-minute or 30-minute reading—crystal reading, mediumship, or Tarot—from Temple High Priestess Christine Ford. All proceeds from these readings go to support the Temple of Witchcraft’s Community Center Building Fund.

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Christine Ford is a High Priestess with the Temple of Witchcraft having apprenticed for with Christopher Penczak in the temple’s Mystery School. A long-time student of the esoteric, she has received training and mentoring with Barbara Ford for over ten years in psychic development, mediumship, reiki, energetic protection, and much more.

Through the InSpirit Centre, Christine currently offers psychic readings using her own divination system, plus tarot and mediumship readings. She also offers workshops and personal mentoring on a variety of metaphysical topics. As part of InSpirit’s Paranormal Team, regularly assists with house clearings, personal clearings, and has helped occasionally with paranormal investigations as a guest medium with organizations such as the Searcher Group. Christine also enjoys working as a guest presenter for various festivals, retreats, and groups such as Templehearth, WomynSpirit, Silver Circle, and the Hamilton Pagan Pride Festival.

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