Pagan Earth Alliance

The Temple of Witchcraft and our Taurus Ministry are proud to support the Pagan Earth Alliance. From their website, PEA President Kansas Stanton explains his, and the organization’s, vision:

I don’t know when environmentalism really began for me—I cannot pinpoint a pivotal time in my memory when my whole worldview shifted to what I am today. Perhaps it came from the oak tree that I grew up with as one of my best friends until it unfortunately passed on. Or maybe it was from playing in my father’s woods with my brothers; pretending we were warriors in a vast empire. Or maybe something synchronized in my head when I heard my first whale song, or when I saw my first footage of animals fleeing the rainforest as the trees were burned and cut down. It could have happened when I watched Fern Gully too many times or when I watched a documentary called, Why Dogs Smile and Chimpanzees Cry. But honestly, I think it happened back when I could see depth perception and color variation and noticed all the incredible beauty I’m surrounded by. The Earth will always be my first love. The sudden boom of thunder on a prairie or a downpour in the desert with the smell of wet clay and sage that follows. Bird murmurations and horses running together. Mountains of mythic heights and trees older than anyone I’ll ever meet. The smell of rich soil and knowing there’s millions of beings in a single handful. Waterfalls and tempests, moss and snowflakes, sunsets, coral reefs, fog, and a beast ripping the flesh off its prey to live. Every single cell in my body loves this Earth and everything it does for us.

The knowledge that we are responsible for losing all these wonders, wonders we haven’t even discovered yet, tears me apart. The more ongoing depredation our planet experiences from our choices, the more threatened we are, as well as all the other beings and energies we share our home with who have innocently fallen victim. The blame game is over—we are above that. We are the consumers. We are the decision-makers who can make changes every day. And we are the Nature-centric spiritualists who see the Earth not as a resource to extract our enjoyments from, but as a parent and source of all life, energy, and magick. It is from this love that makes me Pagan. It is from this love that made me an environmental scientist. And it is from this love that I began Pagan Earth Alliance, a nonprofit organization that aims to bring environmentalism to all Pagans, Wiccans, and witches—no matter their traditions.

But we are, after all, still products of our society. We ship statues of our gods made from synthetic resin and packaged in Styrofoam that pollutes our seas and chokes our animal friends. We cast circles near fracking and gather herbs that have been sprayed with pesticides. We serve meat at our Sabbats that never saw a field and contributed to global warming, on plastic plates that bacteria can’t break down. This, of course, is not unique to just us but happens to all communities today. But we of all people should know how vital Nature is to us. And so, I began an organization that aims to bridge that gap by educating Pagans on how to live and practice more environmentally, or about global environmentalism and what all of it means or caused by. This is an organization that helps Pagans and covens in rural areas who don’t have political access or need assistance in making changes in their communities, or who would like to know that their tools and products are environmentally vetted and certified. The organization is also a source for eco-friendly tableware for your Sabbats and hygiene products for your ritual baths. We offer grove-planting campaigns, workshops and presentations, ecological restoration events, and awareness.

We must act and act now, my tree-hugging friends. Because the Earth is sacred to us.

Learn more about the Pagan Earth Alliance and their work by visiting their website: