Ministerial Profile: Alix Wright, Secretary and Pisces lead minister


Alix is the Lead Minister of Pisces, the Ecstatic. As the Pisces lead minister Alix oversees public rituals, including Esbats and Sabbats. She has been leading public rituals for over ten years. She is a Shamballa Reiki Master, Usui Reiki Master, reads tarot, and does energy and guided meditative healing sessions.

Alix was born in South Africa, where she lived until she was eight. Her family immigrated to England as a stepping stone to get to the USA. While there she was friends with a girl named Kelly. On their paper route, she and Kelly attempted weather magick when it rained. Using a magick trigger and chants, they would connect to the weather patterns to hold off the rain until after their route was done. While attending a Christian school, Alix was required to write a paper on a religion of her choosing. It was at this time that she discovered Witchcraft was more than just stories.

Coming to the United States led to more opportunities opening up for Alix. Her mother and a group of friends taught her about meditation, psychic protection, and past life regression. She also started helping friends overcome fears and insecurities  using intuitive guided meditation and regression in the 7th and 8th grade. Facing prejudice in high school due to her faith, rather than her national origin, only served to strengthen her resolve to be open about her beliefs.

This openness was tested on numerous occasions while growing up, especially in Marine Corps basic training, where she was accused of being a devil-worshipper. Taking the opportunity to use instances of prejudice as teaching moments is something that has served Alix well in all modes of life. The Chaplain of her Battalion at Camp Lejeune, NC, agreed to allow her to have Samhain off as a sacred day when she explained the meanings of her beliefs to him.

Christopher Penczak and Alix were neighbors from 1985, but  didn’t meet until a chance encounter with Rosalie, Christopher’s mother, in 1999. While at the local DMV Rosalie knocked on Alix’s car window to wish her a happy Yule and mentioned that her son was a witchcraft teacher. Soon after that meeting, Alix started classes with Christopher. During her time in the witchcraft classes Alix met her current coven mates and became friends with Christopher, attending many of the sabbat celebrations in Cambridge.

During a conversation with Christopher when he was talking about not having any coverage if he was ever ill or unavailable, she joked that she would be happy to cover for him. He took her seriously and she’s been leading, or co-leading public rituals ever since. All of the people in Alix’s life, except family and a handful of friends, are there because of the fortuitous meeting with Rosalie Penczak.

Alix has been blessed with two children. Her daughter, Cami, is a Virgo deputy and can be seen at Temple events working with Adam at the Temple store. Her son, James, is a member of the National Guard, and works at a home for those with special needs.

Alix is also a deputy for Sagittarius Ministry. As part of her duties, she teaches in-person classes for the Mystery School in Salem, NH.

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