The Temple of Witchcraft J.E.D.I. Committee

Modern-day Witchcraft, like everything else in the United States, evolved in a society built on colonialism, genocide, and white supremacy. Inevitably, these aspects have been woven into the fiber of our spiritual community and, in certain aspects, into our Temple. Without doing the necessary and deep work of examining our history and unpacking our biases, we become unwitting supporters of an unjust system of racism and oppression. Therefore, the Temple of Witchcraft has committed to performing all our work with a view toward justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

J.E.D.I. Committee Mission Statement

To build a stronger foundation for the Temple by amplifying marginalized voices and creating an eclectic community that celebrates the diversity of spiritual practices upon which modern-day witchcraft is built.

Defining J.E.D.I.

Justice is the shared responsibility and practice of creating a safe, equitable, and thriving society and a healthy planet for all living beings. Creating justice in our community requires us to raise our awareness of inequities and biases and take deliberate action to eliminate the root causes of oppression. 

Equity is the guarantee of fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement for all, while at the same time striving to identify and eliminate barriers that have prevented the full participation of all groups.  The principle of equity acknowledges that there are groups that have historically been oppressed and underrepresented and that adequate support and resources must be provided to overcome these historical barriers.

Diversity includes all the ways in which people differ, and it encompasses all characteristics that make one individual or group different from another. It is all-inclusive and recognizes everyone and every group as valuable. A broad definition includes not only race, ethnicity, and gender – the groups that most often come to mind when the term “diversity” is used – but also age, national origin, religion, (dis)ability, neural diversity, immigration status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, socio-economic status, education, marital status, language, and physical appearance. It also includes different ideas, perspectives, and values.  

Inclusion puts the concept of diversity into action by creating a welcoming environment of involvement, respect, accessibility, and connection where the richness of people’s ideas, backgrounds and perspectives are celebrated and harnessed to create value. An inclusive and welcoming environment is one in which differences are embraced, supported, and respected through words and actions and in which any individual or group feels valued to fully participate.  

Q & A

Q: What does diversity, justice, equity, or inclusion mean to the Temple of Witchcraft?

A: Cultural humility is required to work effectively across the diverse expression of human existence. It is an approach to learning, communicating, and working respectfully with people different from oneself. The Temple of Witchcraft is committed to creating practices and policies that foster justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion across our community through a continuous process of listening, learning, and responding to the cultural contexts of the communities and people we serve. This is a developmental process that evolves over an extended period and requires a sustained commitment to the work.

Q: How do you work to ensure your classes are inclusive and welcoming to all students?

A: The Temple has payment plans, work study options, and digital classes to provide access to students of different locations, financial means, and abilities. We are always working to make our classes more inclusive.If you have concerns, questions, or call-ins, please contact our diversity team at

Q: Does the Temple of Witchcraft have a focused team or committee working to address concerns, establish protocols, and better support diversity in the community? 

A: Yes! We have the J.E.D.I. Committee, and we can be reached at Please contact us with concerns, ideas, and suggestions.

Q: What is the Temple’s action plan to implement J.E.D.I. goals?

A: The J.E.D.I. committee is currently working on a number of projects including:

  • Making justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion information and resources  available on our website
  • Creating an events accessibility team
  • Creating a financial aid program
  • Addressing cultural appropriation in our classes and programs
  • Networking with diverse paths and traditions