Dragon Witchfyre, HPS

Dragon Witchfyre is Capricorn Deputy Minister as well as a teacher, high priestess, environmental educator, shamanic witch, bard, Tarot reader, and magickal gardener. Dragon’s spiritual path has always been practical and eclectic, weaving together old-world craft with modern-day living. She believes the body and the mind are a witch’s greatest tools and hones hers through a daily practice of movement and meditation, to better align with the rhythms and cycles nature.

While serving as Taurus Lead Minister, Dragon combined her love of science and education with her devotion to nature-based spirituality. Her goal was to create hands-on, spiritual and educational opportunities for the community to work with the Temple land and spirits and with Gaia herself. Since 2017, Dragon managed the Temple Trail Project, an ambitious plan to create three sacred sites connected by a walking trail within the forested acreage of the Temple land. She also oversaw the Stewards, a group of volunteers dedicated to the spiritual and physical maintenance and development of the Temple land.

As Capricorn Deputy Minister, Dragon’s primary focus is prison ministry. Dragon considers prison ministry a deep, spiritual calling for herself and a cornerstone of her ministerial practice. “You have to approach it with compassion,” she says. “I don’t see their crimes. I see their humanity.” Dragon leads sabbat rituals and conducts classes in New England prisons, in addition to exchanging letters with incarcerated Pagans around the county. She is always eager to speak to anyone about pursuing the challenging and rewarding path of prison ministry.

Dragon maintains an active schedule of teaching, writing, and leading sacred rites. Follow Dragon’s antics on her blog Pentacles & Pavement.

Contact: [email protected]

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