Witchcraft I: The Inner Temple

The next offering of Witchcraft I Online will start in the fall of 2016, with student registration opening in the spring of 2016. We will announce open registration on our website and via our emailing list and social networks.

A year-long intensive apprenticeship in the science of Witchcraft. Through this course you will build a strong and solid foundation for your magickal work through the perspective of modern Witchcraft. You will:

  • Understand the history and role of the Witch, from the ancient world to the current modern revival.
  • Learn sound occult techniques for altering your consciousness and exploring the powers of meditation and trance.
  • Explore the concepts of magickal theory found in both quantum physics and hermetic philosophy, and the ethics of the Witch.
  • Use “instant” meditative magick to transform your inner and outer life.
  • Experience practical application of energy manipulation, protection magick, psychic self-defense, psychic development, aura gazing, auric cleansing, chakra balancing, psychic healing, spirit guide contact, past-life exploration, shamanic journey and building your personal place of power; your inner temple or soul shrine.

Thus shall you begin development of a solid personal practice in the internal arts of Witchcraft.

Unlike many basic 101 courses, Witchcraft I will provide a deep foundation through thirteen detailed lessons and rituals for all magickal and spiritual studies for those desiring to meditate, develop psychic skills and start the path of the Witch, rather than relying on a quick spellbook.  This is a foundation piece to further training in the five-level Temple of Witchcraft Tradition.

This year-long course fuses material from The Inner Temple of Witchcraft text (required reading) and The Inner Temple of Witchcraft CD Companion (required listening) with previously unreleased rituals and rites from the Temple of Witchcraft Book of Shadows. In-person students will work with a certified Temple teacher in monthly class sessions. Online students will experience direct tutoring with Christopher in the practice of modern Witchcraft through self-directed study, recorded audio lectures and meditations from the “in-person” class, online group discussions and sharing, supplementary material in PDF and MP3 formats, and monthly homework assignments. Lessons can vary in size and scope with some months being light and others being more involved. Generally one month is given between assignments and you are expected to complete an assignment before receiving the next.

Students are expected to complete all required classwork and homework assignments on time. The instructor may withhold future lessons when previous lessons are not yet completed. Questions are answered both privately and on the group email list, and feedback will be given. Assignments are not graded in standard alphanumeric grades, but generally in the form of satisfactory or unsatisfactory. Some unsatisfactory assignments may be repeated.  Online students will be required to participate in the Mentorship Program and will be mentored by an advanced student or graduate in the Mystery School, allowing others in the community greater experience in teaching, mentoring, and leadership.

Due to the increasing number of students, it is not feasible for the Sagittarius lead minister to correct homework assignments unless there are questions or specific issues concerning the material. Student homework assignments will be reviewed and commented on by the student’s assigned mentor, then notated by the Dean of Students as complete. In addition to mentors, the Dean of Students and the Instructor will be available for specific questions, publicly and privately, and direct communication is available as the need arises.

Applicants for the Mystery School must be eighteen years old or older. Special exception will only be made for those with full support from their parent or guardian, provided in writing.

Students with any issues or questions regarding class material can write directly to the Sagittarius lead minister at sagittarius@templeofwitchcraft.org.

Payment and Payment Plans

The fee for the entire course is three hundred dollars ($300). This fee covers all online written and audio materials, usually sent in PDF and MP3 formats. This does not include the required textbook, The Inner Temple of Witchcraft: Magick, Meditation and Psychic Development, or the Inner Temple CD Companion, both of which can be ordered at fine local metaphysical stores or online, including at www.christopherpenczak.com. It also does not include any suggested reading or supplies, such as incense, candles, herbs, stones or jewelry.  You will be notified of suggested materials in each of the appropriate lessons.

The course fee balance for the in-person class is due at the first class unless a prior payment plan is worked out with the treasurer of the Temple. Email treasurer@templeofwitchcraft.org for more information. An installment and late payment plan is available for the online class only, with a discount for early registration in full, as follows:

  Before Total Deposit 10 Payments
Early Registration in Full January 1, 2015 $275
Regular Registration in Full March  1, 2015 $300
Late Registration in Full April 1, 2015 $350
Monthly Payment Plan March 1, 2015 $300 $75 $22.50
Late Monthly Payment Plan April 1, 2015 $375 $75 $30.00

To reserve your space, please send a minimum $75 deposit with your application form. Those who are not accepted to the program will receive their deposit back with such notice. The online course fee can be paid in full at any time, or in a series of monthly installments within the guidelines above.

Payments can come in the form of a check or electronic payment via Paypal at info@templeofwitchcraft.org. All checks can be made directly to Temple of Witchcraft.  Please do not send cash. Once accepted into the program, you can send payments via PayPal or mail any further monthly payments to:

Temple of Witchcraft
Attn: Mystery School Financial Dept.
49 North Policy Street
Salem, NH 03079

Please include your legal name, class, and class start date with your payment to ensure proper processing of your payment. For the in-person Witchcraft I, write “W1 2015/2016 In-Person” and for the online Witchcraft I, write “W1 2015/2016 Online”.

Payments are due the first of every month, starting the month after the course begins. Homework is likewise due the first of each month following the the lesson.

Students not approved for the training program will be issued a full refund of their deposit. Students who withdraw from registration prior to the start of the class but fifty days or more after payment of deposit, are subject to a $5.00 administrative fee deducted from their deposit.

Scholarship Programs

The Temple of Witchcraft offers opportunities for those in situations of financial hardship. Discounted tuition through partial scholarship or, in some cases, a full scholarship based on academic excellence in previous classes within the Mystery School, are possible for those accepted into the program. Those doing volunteer work, in person or online, for the Temple are also be eligible for discounted tuition. To apply, please request a scholarship form from Hunter at towhunt@gmail.com. Completed scholarship applications should be sent electronically to Stevie Grant, Dean of Students, at dean@templeofwitchcraft.org. There are limited scholarships available for each program, so each scholarship application will be handled on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Dean of Students under advisement from the Temple. Completion of a scholarship form does not guarantee a scholarship.

Advanced Placement

If you feel you should be placed in a higher degree class due to prior experience, training or initiation, you are welcome to request to “test out” of Witchcraft I and/or Witchcraft II and begin at Witchcraft III. All Witchcraft III students are required to mentor lower level students, which can be difficult if you have not taken the course yourself. Please review the material in The Inner Temple of Witchcraft (Witchcraft I) and The Outer Temple of Witchcraft (Witchcraft II) to make certain you have the knowledge and skills to test out out of these courses. Tests include not only intellectual knowledge, but psychic skills. Contact the Sagittarius lead minister at sagittarius@templeofwitchcraft.org, explaining your past experience and reasons why you believe you should start at a higher level, and request the appropriate tests. Applicants may not test out of levels three, four, or five.

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