The Temple Peyton

Special Temple of Witchcraft Limited Edition Fundraiser

The Temple is pleased to be able to offer this custom-made etched aluminum ritual peyton. Eight inches in diameter and 3/8ths of an inch thick, one side is etched with the Temple Sigil, the other with the Temple’s ritual Pentacle of Earth.

The Temple Sigil

Excerpted and Edited from Foundations of the Temple by Christopher Penczak

At the center of the sigil is the triple spiral, for the three primary powers of the Three Rays of Witchcraft and the three aspects of Divinity from which they arise. They stand for the Divine Will, and the Red Ray of Will and Power, the Divine Heart and the Blue Ray of Love and Trust and for The Divine Mind, and the Yellow Ray of Wisdom and Cunning.

Surrounding the triple spiral is a decagram, or ten pointed star consisting of two five pointed stars, one upright and one downturned. The five pointed star, or pentagram is a symbol of the five elements – earth, air, fire, water and spirit – in harmony. The two pentagrams are signs of the microcosm below and the macrocosm above, the interplay between the heavens and depths that create the world between that we know. The ten points are also symbolic of the ten points upon the Tree of Life found in Hermetic Qabalah and alchemy. The ten points are also marked by either circles or squares at the tips. The six circles are indicative of the rituals of the macrocosm, of the hexagram or six pointed star. In the fourth degree teachings initiates learn to align with the six pointed star of Perfect Love and Perfect Trust within the heart, a mandala for the open heart chakra. The four remaining squares are symbols of the terrestrial elements of earth, air, fire and water, scattered evenly across the circle in the cross quarters.

The circle is surrounded by twelve points, each for a zodiac sign, one for ever ministry. Four of the points are smaller than the rest, indicating the directions of north, east, south and west, as well as the four elements.

The Temple sigil is the public seal for students, initiates and leaders to access the energy of the Temple.

The Pentacle of Earth

The Earth symbol, shared with students in the fourth degree, is a mandala of the powers of the Temple in our cosmology. The foundation is the symbol of the Witch, the pentagram. Around the edge are the astrological symbols of the three earth signs – Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, in three sets of three, with the Earth Cross and Circle at the bottom, for the planet Earth itself. To the left and right of the top point are the symbols of the Goddess as the Weaver and the Web and the God as the Singer and the Song. Below to the left and the right are the terrestrial manifestations of the gods, as the Goddess of the Moon and the God of the Sun. In the center is the trident of power, the expression of Love, Will, and Wisdom in action as a Witch, and beneath it a form of the triple knot, for the Divine Mind, Divine Heart and Divine Will that guide us, as well as a symbol of our three souls – Namer, Shaper and Watcher.

This pentacle is a symbol of Earth and Spirit, Sovereignty, and Law and used in the magick of protection, prosperity, healing, and magickal empowerment.

Cost: $75 US plus $13.65 priority mail shipping to U.S. addresses. Use the PayPal button below to order, making sure to choose the correct shipping option. International orders outside of the United States, please inquire by email at regarding shipping before ordering. We will provide you with shipping cost and invoice you directly, if you wish to order. TempleFest 2019 Pick-Up is also available (no shipping required) but orders that are not picked up will either be charged the necessary shipping rate or cancelled without refund. Orders are due no later than June 1, 2019, and the finished peytons are expected to ship in August 2019. All profits from this fundraiser go to the Temple’s Community Center Building Fund.

Engraved Peyton plus…