Rowann Stormbender, HP

rowannstormbenderRowann Stormbender is a high priest and ordained minister in the Temple of Witchcraft. Rowann has served in various capacities in the Temple, including his service to the Sagittarius ministry as moderator of the Witchcraft II and III forums, as a mentor for students of several classes, and most recently has been approved to teach Mystery School classes. Additionally, he has worked with the Libra ministry in alternative dispute resolution training. Rowann has extensive teaching experience as a martial arts instructor for more than three decades, a scuba instructor, and as an adjunct Professor of Law. He is published and regularly speaks at regional and national events on legal topics, including religious discrimination in the workplace.

Rowann’s educational background includes a bachelor of arts in English and a Doctor of Jurisprudence. He was initiated to the third degree in the Accademia Studi Tradizoniali Hermes Ordine della Milizia celeste di San Michele Arcangelo in Italy, and he is a graduate of the Temple Mystery School and Seminary.