Elaanie Stormbender, HPS


A Witch, teacher, author, healer, and herbalist, Elaanie is a High Priestess and ordained minister and serves the Sagittarius ministry as a teacher of in-person Mystery School classes in the Knoxville, Tennessee area. Her early work as a Witch began in the founding and development of Hecate’s Cauldron, an independent Witches’ circle in Mississippi, providing support and resources for the pagan community through education, ritual, healing work, and various support groups. In February of 2018, Elaanie relocated to East Tennessee, Hecate’s Cauldron continuing under new leadership.

A native of the Great Smoky Mountains of Western North Carolina and a devotee of Hecate, Elaanie recognized her move to Tennessee as a calling to continue her own spiritual growth and understanding through the study of Appalachian Hoodoo, the practices of her maternal great-grandmother. She believes it is a calling to continue her work as a Temple Witch and minister in the land of her ancestors. Though she continues her commitment to the Temple Tradition, Elaanie believes that a deeper, more intimate understanding of her ancestral roots, coupled with her history as a home health nurse, will make her uniquely prepared to teach and work with the people of this often misunderstood geographical area. She recently established Enodia’s Grove, another independent Witch’s Circle, to provide space for local community.

Elaanie is the author of The Witch’s Journey: Cutting the Cords of Christian Dogma, her answer to a need for greater awareness and guidance on the path of personal healing from emotional injuries caused by Christian-based indoctrination.

Elaanie’s teaching background includes 27 years of traditional martial arts training and coaching experience under the USA-National Karate-do Federation, her work as a SCUBA instructor, and eight years of teaching Temple Mystery School classes.

Although no longer active in the profession, Elaanie is a registered nurse, and shares her spiritual path, passion, and work with her husband and partner, Rowann.