Elaanie Stormbender, HPS

elaanieA witch, healer, and herbalist, the focus of Elaanie’s work has been the founding and development of Hecate’s Cauldron of Mississippi, a local witches’ circle, providing support and resources for the pagan community through education, Sabbat celebrations, healing work, and the development of other resources. She is a High Priestess and ordained minister in the Temple and serves the Sagittarius ministry in the capacities of mentor, class moderator for Witchcraft V, and as a teacher of in-person Mystery School classes in Jackson, MS. She is also working with the Aquarius ministry to launch her SMILE Campaign, an initiative encouraging individuals to actively walk the path of unity and compassion.

Elaanie’s teaching background includes 27 years of martial arts training and coaching experience under the USA-National Karate-do Federation, her work as a SCUBA instructor, and her year-long, in-person book studies of the Inner and Outer Temple of Witchcraft books for the last five years. Though no longer active in the profession, Elaanie is a registered nurse, and shares her spiritual path, passion and work with her husband and partner, Rowann.