Voices of the Temple: Libra & Sagittarius

Episode 19: Libra & Sagittarius

In this installment of Voices of the Temple, host Adam Sartwell takes us to the Temple’s ministerial gathering to hear from the various lead ministers about the achievements, plans, and goals of their ministries. Hear what has been happening and what is planned in the year to come!


Voices of the Temple: The Pagan Homeopath

Episode 18: The Pagan Homeopath

In the Virgo podcast, host Adam Sartwell talks to Mary, Temple board member and pagan homeopath, about homeopathy and healing.


Voices of the Temple: Glastonbury Pilgrimage

Episode 17: Glastonbury Pilgrimage

Voices of the Temple looks back at the Temple’s first international pilgrimage to England this summer, including Glastonbury Tor, the Chalice Well, and ritual at Stonehenge!


Voices of the Temple: Kitchen Witchcraft

Episode 16: Kitchen Witchcraft

Voices of the Temple host Adam Sartwell interviews Dawn Hunt, the Kitchen Witch of Cucina Aurora Kitchen Witchery, a teacher, author, entrepreneur, and Temple community member.


Voices of the Temple: Taurus & Gemini

Episode 15: Taurus & Gemini

Temple founders Adam Sartwell, Christopher Penczak, and Steve Kenson gather for this podcast for a look back at where the Temple of Witchcraft began, how far it has come, and plans for the future, as well as answering some listener questions.


Voices of the Temple: Ellen Dugan

Episode 14: Ellen Dugan

Host and Temple Founder Adam Sartwell talks with Garden Witch Ellen Dugan, author of books such as Practical Protection Magick and the Garden Witch’s Herbal. Adam also provides an update on the Temple’s upcoming Beltane Psychic Faire and other news.


Voices of the Temple: Dorothy Morrison

Episode 13: Dorothy Morrison

Join host and Temple Founder Adam Sartwell for the start of the second year of Voices of the Temple with a special ConVocation interview with Dorothy Morrison, author of books like Utterly Wicked and Everyday Magic and owner and operator of Wicked Witch Studios.


Voices of the Temple: Capricorn

Episode 12: Capricorn

In our twelfth Voices of the Temple podcast, host Adam Sartwell interviews Capricorn Lead Minister Erik about the ministry’s work with pagan inmates, and responsibilities for rites of passage and men’s mysteries within the Temple.


Voices of the Temple: Sagittarius

Episode 11: Sagittarius

In this episode, Adam interviews Jocelyn, Taurus Minister and Temple Treasurer, about ecology, mediumship, and living a “green” life. More information on green living at New Hampshire Sustainable Energy Resource. Also updates on the Temple’s Yule ritual and Adam’s ongoing Witchcraft III blog.


Voices of the Temple: Scorpio

Episode 10: Scorpio

It’s a double-dose—and an extra-long podcast—when Voices of the Temple host Adam Sartwell interviews outgoing Scorpio lead minister Chris and also talks with incoming Scorpio lead minister Elsa about death, dying, sacred sexuality, and more!