Village Witchcraft with Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki

The Temple, in cooperation with Moth & Moon Studio, is pleased to offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study with a renowned elder and scholar: Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki!

Dolores will be offering her “Village Craft” Witchcraft teachings for the very first time here with us in New Hampshire: Friday evening, all-day Saturday and Sunday, and a Saturday evening ritual. Visit the event page for much more, including an outline of planned topics and details about our guest teacher.

Space for this weekend workshop is limited, so please don’t wait to register! Because of the nature of this event and the need to cover the costs for our special guest teacher to visit us from the UK, registration must be pre-paid and no refunds will be available due to cancellation.

Registration is now open for the new year-long monthly Path of the Moon online class with Temple teacher and founder Christopher Penczak. Walk the path of the Moon through this thirteen lesson class. Weaving together many strands of wisdom concerning the lore of the Moon, the course provides a framework of personal evolution and transformation, working the mystery of change, waxing and waning, building and releasing, and opening the gate of the Moon to that which dwells in unseen territories. Click on the class link for the full description and the online registration link. Class starts February 2018!

Registration for all five Mystery School class levels (Witchcraft I through V) is now open for 2017–2018 in-person classes in St. Louis, taught at Pathways by Temple High Priestess Rachael Mueller. See the individual class pages for details and links to registration forms.

New Mystery School Classes in Texas

The Temple of Witchcraft Mystery School is pleased to announce that three new year-long in-person classes in Porter, Texas, with High Priestess Virginia Villarreal, are now open for registration. Witchcraft I, II, and III are being offered, starting in September 2017 for Witchcraft I and January 2018 for Witchcraft II and III. See the individual class pages for dates, details, and registration. Interested students can also email

Temple founder, teacher, and High Priest Adam Sartwell will be offering the Temple Mystery School’s Witchcraft I and Witchcraft II year-long classes at The Robin’s Nest in Bellingham, Massachusetts, starting this October, 2017. Registration is open through the shop by calling 508-244-4881 or emailing therobinsnestma@gmail. Registration will run until late September, right before the classes begin. This is an excellent opportunity for students in the greater Massachusetts area to embark upon the Temple’s complete five-year Mystery School course.

A year-long in-person apprenticeship of Witchcraft III: The Shamanic Temple with High Priestess Silver Lyons is now open for registration. Classes will be held in Salem, NH, starting in October of 2017.

Reclaim the shamanic ancestry of the Witch using both European and core shamanic journeying techniques to travel the middle, upper and lower reams of the shaman’s world tree. Focusing on the element of water as the gateway to the spirit realm, learn to reflect on your inner emotions and dive deep to heal your past. Learn techniques to further your relationship with your shadow self.

See the Witchcraft III class page for details and online registration form. Email with questions about the course.

Wheel of the Year class registration open

Registration is now open for the online Mysteries of the Wheel of the Year class with Temple founder and High Priest Christopher Penczak. The next course begins in November 2017 with a registration deadline of October 2017.

In this year-long online class, go deeper into the soul and spirit world through the Turning of the Wheel of the Year. Examine specific mystical teachings involving the approach towards the Wheel found in the Temple of Witchcraft, yet adaptable and inspiring for your own personal practice and traditions. Learn more about the annual journey of the Goddess and God of the Wheel as they shift their forms from Mother and Child to Lovers, Monarchs, Sacrifice and Mourner and Hidden Ones.

Visit the Mysteries of the Wheels of the Year class page for details and a link to the online registration form.

Gateway to the Goddess class

The Temple is pleased to announce that registration is now open for a year-long Gateway to the Goddess class, with thirteen monthly classes, held in Salem, NH, and taught by Temple High Priestess Silver Lyons.

This intensive is open to women-only this year. In this sacred feminine space we will create sisterhood as Priestesses of the Goddess, sharing our radiance with one another and rewriting what it means to stand in union with other women as daughters of the Great Mother.

Visit the class page for additional information and a link to the online application form.

The Mysteries of the Wheel of the Year

Open Registrations

Year-long in-person class (Lancashire, UK) with High Priestess Karen Ainsworth commencing in November 2019. Course fee: £175.00. A £30 deposit is payable on registration with the balance of £145.00 due before the start of the first class. If you require payment terms, please enquire. Classes will be on specific Wednesday evenings throughout the year, 7.30pm – 9.30pm in Preston, Lancashire. Full details provided on registration. Email for all enquiries.

Year-long online class with High Priest Christopher Penczak beginning in November 2019. Class fee: $175. Classes will consist of monthly downloadable audio lectures and reading. If you have questions about this class, please email To register, use the following online form:


In this year-long class, go deeper into the soul and spirit world through the Turning of the Wheel of the Year. Examine specific mystical teachings involving the approach towards the Wheel found in the Temple of Witchcraft, yet adaptable and inspiring for your own personal practice and traditions. Learn more about the annual journey of the Goddess and God of the Wheel as they shift their forms from Mother and Child to Lovers, Monarchs, Sacrifice and Mourner and Hidden Ones. Work with some of the Sabbatic deities most often associated with the Holidays – Brid, Ostara, Bel, Lugh, Mabon, Modron, Morrighan and Dagda.

Survey how modern Neo-Pagan groups reclaim and modernize old lore, while delving into traditional  folk customs. By Root, Stem, Leaf, Bud, Blossom, Flower, Fruit and Seed, rising from the ever present stillness of the Darkness and fluctuating Light, work with the sacred mysteries of the Earth Keepers. Learn the blessings of regeneration and rest, awakening and planning, work and play, reaping and release. Learn the spiritual ministerial codes associated with each holiday.

Expand your understanding of the two fold God, as Oak and Holly King, invoking the eightfold division of the four horned gods and the four agricultural gods. Work with the astrological patterns beneath the Wheel, and study ways how to celebrate alone or in groups through ritual, vision working, song, dance, season food and lore. Make potions and incense blends to help you celebrate and attune to the energies.

Explore the Straight Road of the sacred priest Kings and Queens from the Three Rays, responsible for the balance between the Heavens, Earth and Underworld, mediating the energies as the wheel turns. Hold the center and walk the spiral path as we turn the seasons to grow in power, love and wisdom. Become one with the lineage of the Earth Keeper ancestors.

Course includes:

  • 12 Lessons (Eight Sabbat Lessons and Four Knowledge Lectures)
  • Detailed Teachings in a Book of Shadows style format.
  • Incense and Potion Recipes for Celebrating the Holidays

For a number of years, the Temple of Witchcraft has offered Sabbat Meditations in MP3 form with a seasonal donation to the Temple. These meditations were well loved by those who could not attend local sabbat celebrations in the flesh. Now, we seek to expand people’s experience and education with the Sabbats, going deeper into the Mystery of the Year.

A Temple of Witchcraft Red Ray continuing education program, counting as 12 CEUs for ordained ministers. Unlike degree mystery school courses, there is no mandatory homework to report, but a community sharing of ideas and experiences. Those ordained ministers seeking CEU accreditation will be asked to submit a paper on their experience at the end of the year. As fundamental ritual and trance skills are expected, and a basic knowledge of modern Witchcraft is necessary, including altars, elements, deities and potion craft, completion of Witchcraft II or higher recommended (materials and skills in The Outer Temple of Witchcraft) but not required if you have equivalent experience.

  • Lesson One: November – Overview of Core Concepts: Myth, Ritual & Intention
  • Lesson Two: December – Yule: Blessed Be The Light Has Come
  • Lesson Three: January – Deities of the Wheel: Traditional Gods and a New Mythos
  • Lesson Four: February – Imbolc: Fire in the Belly
  • Lesson Five: March – Ostara: Coming of the Dawn
  • Lesson Six: April – The Sovereign’s Path of the Red Ray: Opening the Gates
  • Lesson Seven: May – Beltane: Summer is Coming In
  • Lesson Eight: June – Litha: If We Shadows Have Offended
  • Lesson Nine: July – Sacred Calenders: Earth, Sun and Stars
  • Lesson Ten: August – Lammas: The King is Dead, All Hail the King
  • Lesson Eleven: Sept – Mabon: Have you heard of Mabon, the Son of Modron?
  • Lesson Twelve: October – Samhain: What is Remembered Lives

Runic Embodiment Course

May 2016 to June 2017

You have may be studied the runes or even do rune readings – but do know the runes from the inside out? This course looks at the runes from a primal internal development point of view that will take your spiritual development and practice to a new and heightened level.

We will begin with an introduction that will acquaint students to the content and breadth of the course. Monthly classes will include, at a minimum, discussion, meditation, and ceremony. This course requires work, reading, and dedication outside of the scheduled monthly meetings. The course will finish with a capstone weekend intensive that will include a gateway initiation into the world of Runic understanding.

Who is this course for? Anyone who feels the call. This is not a religious course it is a spiritual class that will enhance your understanding of the universe. Regardless of your current spiritual path this course can help you advance to the next level. This is not a course in Heathenism or Norse Shamanism though elements of these paths will be utilized. This class will change your life—be prepared. Please contact either of the instructors with questions or to register.

Wrentek Kerne MacGowan:
Jason Nadeau: E-mail:

Course Info: All month classes are held from 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm.

Location: Kinney Hill Farm (the location of Templefest), 96 Woodman Rd, South Hampton, NH. Please Note: Only use Google Maps/GPS to get here otherwise you will not be directed to the correct location! Street numbers are not in order. The driveway is long and steep, class location will be to the left at the top of the drive.

Class Dates:
2016: May 4, June 1, June 29, Aug 3, Sep 7, Oct 5, Nov 2, Dec 7
2017: Jan 4, Feb 1, Mar 1, April 5, May 3, May 31, June 2 – 4 (certification weekend)

Required Text: Taking Up the Runes by Diane Paxon, ISBN 13: 978-1578633258

Cost: $39 per Class; Initiation Weekend; $103 (Includes camping) or $604 includes all classes and initiation weekend you save $45 (This offer good only prior to the second class). No refunds.