Online registration for the Witchcraft II, III, and IV year-long courses has closed, as previously announced. Applications for the Witchcraft I online course will remain open for the remainder of today (August 12th) but will also be closed by August 13th. This is the last chance to register for this year!

Visit the Online Witchcraft I Registration Form to register.

In-person Witchcraft I – IV in Columbia, MO

The Sagittarius Ministry of the Temple is pleased to announce the opening of new levels of Witchcraft I, II, III, and IV in Columbia, Missouri. Taught by High Priestess Cat Kelly, these classes begin in October, November, December, and January, respectively, and are now available for registration.

Please see the individual class pages from our Education page for details or, to inquire or register directly, please e-mail

In-person Witchcraft I in Glastonbury, CT

The Temple’s Sagittarius Ministry is pleased to announce registration is open for a new Witchcraft I: The Inner Temple year-long apprenticeship class, offered with High Priest Dan Lupacchino in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

The class will be offered on Sunday afternoons from noon to 3:00 pm, starting in late October. For details and class dates, as well as more information about Witchcraft I and links to registration, please see the class page on our site.

The Temple’s Virgo ministry is pleased to offer a special limited edition fundraiser: Blood Moon Incense, blended and charged during the last lunar eclipse (or “blood moon”) to call for deep, personal transformation.

Only a small amount of this special incense was ritually crafted and charged here at the Temple and, when it’s gone, it’s gone, until the next blood moon offers us the opportunity to make more. Click the link to visit the Temple’s online store to place your order while our limited supply lasts!

All profits from the sale go to support the Temple of Witchcraft, a 501(c)3 religious nonprofit.

New Masculine Mysteries Class

The Temple’s Capricorn Ministry is pleased to announce that the class Exploring Four Archetypes of Mature Masculinity is open for registration and will begin this September.

In this monthly series of six classes, we will explore four archetypes of mature masculinity. We will delve into the concepts of the King, the Warrior, the Magician, and the Lover as four elements that, when combined in due measure, produce mature men of great value. Men who can effectively serve a community. Men who can effectively serve the world.

All genders are equally welcome to join us in this exploration, as are distance students who can attend the class via Zoom online videoconferencing rather than in-person.

Please visit the class page for details and a link to the online application form.

Litha Sabbat Stone: Bumblebee Jasper

Throughout 2019, the Temple is charging different stone and crystal allies within our sabbat circles here in New Hampshire, and making them available as fundraisers for the community, along with charged crystal essences made here at the Temple’s home in Salem, NH.

Our sabbat stone for Litha is bumblebee jasper. It nurtures our creativity, motivation and confidence. It is a strong earthy stone to help clear and cleanse the way to manifestation. Here is our crystal grid charging up the crystal essence in the indirect method.

You can find all of the sabbat stones and crystal essences on the Temple Online Store and email with questions.

New In-Person Witchcraft I in Nova Scotia

The Temple is pleased to announce registration is now open for a new Witchcraft I: The Inner Temple year-long class, taught in Halifax, Nova Scotia, by High Priest Justin Gaudet. This is the first in-person Mystery School class to be offered in Canada and the second to be offered outside of the United States (following High Priestess Karen Ainsworth’s Witchcraft I in the UK).

Interested students should see the Witchcraft I class page for details and a link to the online registration form. The class begins this November, 2019, and continues monthly throughout most of 2020.

Temple In-Person UK Classes

The Temple of Witchcraft is pleased to offer, for the first time, in-person classes in the United Kingdom, beginning with our Witchcraft I: The Inner Temple foundational Mystery School class and our Wheel of the Year class. See the individual class pages for full descriptions and details.

Both classes will be taught by Temple High Priestess Karen Ainsworth, in person in the Preston area of Lancashire, UK. The Witchcraft I class commences in September of 2019, while the Mysteries of the Wheel of the Year class commences in November of 2019.

The investment for the Witchcraft I class is £275.00 (£50 deposit payable on registration with the balance of £225.00 due before the start of the first class). Investment for the Wheel of the Year class is £175.00 (£30 deposit is payable on registration with the balance of £145.00 due before the start of the first class). If you require payment terms, please enquire. Space in both classes is strictly limited, so please pre-register as soon as possible to secure your place. The email address for all enquiries is

May Guest Teachers

This coming May, the Temple is pleased to offer some wonderful opportunities to study with guest teachers here in Salem, NH!

The Pillars of Belief with E. Massey

E. Massey is an author, artist, teacher and practicing Witch. As an author, E. Massey has written articles for popular educational and Pagan and Witchcraft magazines, as well as contributed to many educational curriculums for children. His first book, Casting Creative Magickal Circles independently sold over five-hundred copies. In 2018, E. Massey released The Modern Witch’s Curriculum. This highly anticipated subsequent book combines history, science, and hands-on activities in an easy to follow calendar format. Over the last year, he has also been writing The Little Witch’s Curriculum, a book for parents and children that uses early childhood education theories and techniques to encourage spirituality growth through Witchcraft, Wiccan, and Pagan practices. He also maintains a well-followed blog at his website that covers many Pagan oriented topics.

The Temple is pleased to host “The Pillars of Belief” workshop: Discover how the Hermetic philosophies found in The Kybalion can be related to the modern teachings and ideals of today’s Witchcraft (a topic also explored in our own Witchcraft I course). Explore these “universal laws” and why they are the pillars of many belief systems found around the globe. Learn new approaches to incorporating these ancient teachings into today’s spiritual world through activities found in E. Massey’s book, The Modern Witch’s Curriculum.

Sunday, May 12th from 7 to 9 pm in Salem, NH • Register Online

A Weekend with Devin Hunter and Storm Faerywolf

Storm Faerywolf and Devin Hunter are initiates of various forms of witchcraft, both traditional and modern, and have been professionally teaching for several years. Devin is the author of The Witch’s Book of Power, The Witch’s Book of Spirits, and the forthcoming The Witch’s Book of Mysteries. Storm is the author of Betwixt & Between and the forthcoming Forbidden Mysteries of Faery Witchcraft. As professional authors they are committed to sharing the philosophies and practices of their Craft with a world hungry for magic. They are two of the founding teachers of Black Rose Witchcraft, an online school of the Craft that offers in-depth foundational training in the art and practices of the witches’ Craft. For more info, visit The Black Rose Witchcraft website.

Devin and Storm will be joining us for a full weekend of offerings: five classes, plus a free one-hour evening book-signing here in Salem, NH, on Friday evening, May 17th. Classes include Opening to the Witch Power, The Shadow of Faery Witchcraft, The Witch’s Merkaba, Exploring the Witch’s Tree, and Mirror of the Faery Queen. See the event site for full details and registration for the classes of your choice. Register early, as space is limited!

Friday, May 17th to Sunday, May 19th in Salem, NH • Register Online

Silver Lyons on Medical Leave

The Temple of Witchcraft community asks for energetic and healing support for High Priestess and Cancer Lead Minister Silver Lyons, who is on a medical leave from her responsibilities from the Temple at this time as she recovers from surgery.

Due to Silver’s leave of absence, we will be holding space for the Temple’s Women’s Circle to gather in community on their scheduled dates, with the assistance of a Temple volunteer, but the scheduled Women’s Circle rituals will not be offered. Silver’s other scheduled classes, including Witchcraft IV and Gateway to the Goddess, have been removed from the schedule until such a time as she returns and they can be rescheduled.

Cancer Ministry matters can still be referred to while general Temple matters can be addressed to or (for administration, scheduling, or technical matters)

We wish to offer our thanks and blessings to Silver for a swift and complete recovery!